Thursday, December 17, 2009

Make This Your Best Year

As I prepare for the dawning of 2010, I’m focus on “Making This a Great New Year”
I have so much I want to do with AnyEvent, so many roads I want to take in introducing more people to our services. I’m excited about the challenges I know I will face.
This coming Year, 2010... AnyEvent will be celebrating 5 years... yes, 5 years... We have come a long way and have a long way to go... and I’m enjoying the ride, the mistakes and the tears that it has given me and I look forward to five more years... This year we hired a Sr. Event Coordinator and have two Interns. We are now working with clients outside the state of Texas an added some new vendors to our list. Some business we had to turn down, and some turned us down and that is part of growing.
We took chances this year, and the out coming was exciting.
When the New Year begins, have you made plans to make this the best year for you and your business”?
Have you set goals?
Looked at what‘s working or not working in your business?
Do you plan to hire help so you can expand more in other area where your business is suffering?
What about advancing in educating yourself? Taking a class, reading more Leadership books?
Networked out of your comfort zone?
What about investing in a conference or workshop?
When was the last time you sat down and talked with your vendors or clients about repeating business...? Looking at a Win Win Situation?
All these things will help you grow.
Can’t wait to hear from you! I really want to hear from you some of the thing you plan and ideas to do for 2010!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Preparing for 2010

I am now finding time to work on my Blog.. I have been so busy, that I haven’t had the chance to sit down and write. Not that I’m complaining, but it let’s me know that there are doors opening for AnyEvent.

As I reflect back over the last four years of business I think about some of the mistakes and the accomplishments. I think about the connection I made and the ones I lost. I think about the people who awed me and the people I was like “what ever”. But more then anything, I think about how God never left me.. He walked with me even when I was feeling I was alone.

As you prepare for 2010, let me make a few suggestions:
1. Pray every single day for your business.
2. Trust your faith
3. Don’t let anyone define who you are
4. Save Money
5. Ask for help
6. Network with a purpose
7. Rest
8. Read a lot of business books: Any book by John Maxwell; The E-Myth by Gerber
9. Treat your clients or customer like you want to be treated
10. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake
11. Plan for the future
12. Act like a CEO

Now, some of you may be doing this already, but what about everyday? You should be doing this every single day.. Train yourself to pray, think and act like an Entrepreneur.

My Goal next year is to work on AnyEvent. To trust God as I watch how He handles His business as well as think outside the box. What about you, what is the one thing you plan to do next year to change how you do business so you can increase your clientele or sells???

Monday, August 24, 2009

No More Excuses..Really!!! No More!

No More Excuses! Really!! No more!
I said I would focus on special events for my next blog, but this topic was eating at my soul to the point I couldn’t help but blog about it!
I have learned growing AnyEvent; there is no time for excuses. You snooze you lose; you close your eyes long enough it’s gone. Your idea is not the only idea.
When starting out in a business or thinking about a career change, you really have to be on top of your game, on point. You have to pray and begin to ask God to open doors and pave a way! I did a TV interview on Saturday, one of the questions, I was asked “In this economy, how is AnyEvent holding up”? my response, was I’m working on 4 projects!!! Now to his surprise, what in the world can event planners do in this economy when 85% of your business is with companies! And these are people who are tightening their belts to save money? It’s because I make no excuse to the economy, I make no excuse to generating new clients, and I make no excuse for AnyEvent.

When God decided to create this passion in me, I commit myself to giving it my all until He wants me to do something else! Now that is not to say I didn’t get in the way at times or mess up sometimes, it means that I believe in Him and what He is doing through me!!

There were times I had to step back and review His business plan-many times, I had to allow Him to guide and get out the way, even when I didn’t want to. And the hardest part was to allow Him to teach me to stop procrastinating (LOL). When there is a plan, it’s up to us to work it. There is no excuse for talking and not doing.

Does this sound familiar?
1. I don’t have time
2. I work all day and I’m tired
3. What’s for me is for me
4. No one is calling
5. I don’t have the money
6. Is this the right time?

Now I have to be honest, I said a few of these myself, but I was able to snap out of it when I realizes that I may find myself on a phone doing customer service (lol) Nothing wrong with it, Just not me!!! I begin to put things in gear.
Stop making excuse, make things happen. Use all your time and work it like there’s no tomorrow!

My Pastor, Dr. Tony Evans stated one time that he gets about 4 hours of sleep per day because he is working and preparing for God’s Kingdom. I believe it when I look at all he has accomplished, and he did it with help from God and No excuse. The Next time you make an excuse, block out the negative and add the positive!

1. I don’t have time-I can do this 4 hours a night!
2. I work all day and I’m tired-I can give up a few hours on the week end to do this!
3. What’s for me is for me-Ok God, I’ll move forward!
4. No one is calling -“Hello This Teri with AnyEvent”
5. I don’t have the money- If I make sacrifices, I can do this!
6. Is this the right time?-Step out on faith and see!

I would love to hear from you, Let me know what excuses have stopped you from moving forward with your passion!

November 7, 2009, AnyEvent will be hosting our Verge 2009 Women’s Brunch No More Excuses, Time to move forward. We have some awesome women who will be speaking this year on Time management, Finances and No Excuse in your job or business. Tickets are $25 and vendors’ booths are $90.
No More Excuses.. REALLY, No More!
Please share with others!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Great Plan

It’s that time of year again, The Mary Kay Convention. Millions of women and a few men from all over the world come together in Dallas to learn how to increase their Mary Kay business. They flood the street of Dallas in their Red Suites and Pink Cars. They are encouraged that the upcoming year is going to better than last year anwhile they learn new makeup tips, talk about the new products and learn new steps in improving their business. I wonder if Mary Kay envisioned her business to grow this big?! I’m quite sure she did. She had a planwhen she was expected to be nothing more than a Woman! You know her story, how she began her business when there was nothing but her and her children. She decided to created a job for herself!

Some of you right now are working or unemployed, trying to figure out what to do next. Start your business or further your career? You may have a business and want to know what steps you need to move forward by increasing sales or your client base, get money for your non-profit or just make more money!!!! I was the same way after two layoffs. I wondered what I was going to do with myself in the middle of my own private recession an unemployment about to run out. Knowing this, I decided to create a job till a job came through. After two layoffs, job interviews and much prayer, nothing happen. After 4 years of trying to start a business while working and looking for work, after the last layoff in 2007, I hired me to work for me until something happen. What happen? I begin to get new clients.

If you are at across road in what you want to do, here are some tips:
1. Don’t quit your job to start a business, plan it out, and take the steps to grow to a level you can hire yourself.
2. Takes some classes in your industry at your community college.
3. You may have to work hard on the week’s ends with your business or in advancing in your career, but if that is the direction you are headed, plan it out with your family, and make sure you have time to rest.
4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or even take a loss in some things [not your family and God], but the goal is not to give up. Remain encouraged and focus.
5. Believe in God’s purpose, your business and yourself.
6. Pray a lot. And then praise more!!!!

What are some of the things you are doing to make sure that when you are ready to start out on your own as a business owner, or move forward in your career? I would love to hear from you.

Next month Blog I will begin providing information on party planning! Until next month, stay focus!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Half Price, didn't Half Step!

Half Price Didn't Half Step!

Back in 2005 when I first open the doors to AnyEvent, I had the pleasure of meeting an energetic gentleman name Oliver. Oliver was in the beginning stages of “Half Price Geeks”, his tech support business. Both Oliver and I were at the stage of getting things off the ground and trying to keep our happy faces on as business owners. For 4 years Oliver and I work hard at marketing and networking. We both even talked about how hard it was and how we both were going to keep on pushing on! We even laughed about going back to Corporate America if this didn’t work out for us. Oliver and I worked hard, and I know that there was times he, like me wanted to throw in the towel and give up, but we kept pushing forward. We worked hard at our business and for selfish reason refused to throw in the towel, even when we wanted to.

I ran into Oliver last week and I asked him how was business? Well not to my surprise, Oliver was hiring his 3rd employed and has moved to a new location!!!! I was not surprise how things were going for him because I had the pleasure of witnessing his determination first hand! He kept saying, “God is good” when I asked how things were going! Persistence was the key for Oliver. What about you? Are you folding, throwing in the towel, giving up? What have you done lately to create a “ household name for your business”? Nothing happens when you wait for something to happen, you really have to make it happen!! Congratulations Oliver on your “Right Persistence Success” I am so proud of you!

Apples falls from trees, but they don’t make apple pie unless someone picks them up and do what needs to be done with them.

What are you afraid of? Who are you afraid of? Don’t sit around and wait for someone to come and knock on your door? Knock on theirs first! I would love to hear from you. Your advise or comments may help someone who is scared to step off the porch and run into their purpose!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Extreme Business Makeover"

As I sit here with a cup of coffee with hazel nut crème, I’m thinking about how I’m approaching the end of our financial year for AnyEvent. A lot of things happen this year, mostly excellent! I have to be honest, business has increase and the visibility of AnyEvent may be a household name in a couple years.
We are not where we want to be, but it’s good to know we’re not where we were (LOL) . As I begin to pull out the financial books, we will do inventory on our client list, as well as our upcoming projects, ready to discuss how we did in business. What changes could we make and where do we need to grow!

This is the time of year, we begin to do an “Extreme Makeover “ for AnyEvent. We will look at what happen in our twelve months, and the connections made.. We will brainstorm ,and look at what worked and didn’t work! Did we give our all; follow up or send out thanks you notes ? All those things are important to the growth of our business. This allows us to make sure that that we grow as a company, that our clients are getting top rates service and that we are content in doing what we suppose to do to keep our clients!!
Operating a small business is not easy when you are growing and doing everything yourself. We are the account; lawyer; the sales person; PR team and don’t forget HR (LOL). And we won’t say anything about running the household!!! Please remember that it’s important, As CEO, doing this makes us work harder at being the best we can be!!! Are you? Do you need a “Extreme Makeover”? What are someone of the things you do as a business owner to assure your customer are coming back? Are you bring you’re “A” game to the table?
I would love to hear from you!

Friday, May 29, 2009

What happen to your passion? What happen to your Dream? Time to step it up!!!

As I listen to all the statements from graduation speeches on ABC news with Charlie Gibson, from some of the most powerful people in this country!!! Michelle Obama, Ellen, an others tell the 2009 graduating class-Be a visionary!!!: Go the extra mile!!! Live your life to the fullest!! Give back to your community!! Do we? Are we? Have we?

Where is the passion we had when we first started our business or saw the vision? What happen to the get up and go ? Has it got up and went? Is our business crying out, what have you done to me lately???
When I first begin AnyEvent, it was right after I was let go from this huge Accounting Company.. I wasn’t afraid, I was happy, I felt that a door was opening for me and I couldn’t wait to got through it!!!. Now after 4 years of hard work and strong marketing, I’m in need of an assistant!!!

This didn’t happen over night! I spent numerous hours getting to this place, and I’m still recreating, reinventing AnyEvent. People laughed and would tell me I need an actual job, or I’m crazy, I cleared those negative people and keep pushing forward. Some told me they want to establish a business, but won’t take steps to get there.. They just keep dreaming!!!

Don’t sale yourself short in your vision or your business. Don’t get tired and don’t give up!! This economy was turned around by Small Businesses during the depression, and I believe we are going to put this country back to work!!! But it won’t get done unless you light the fire again in your passion!!! Stay focus, pray a lot and give back to your community!! Jesus took 2 fishes and five loaves and fed 5000, ask God to increase and then you increase with someone else!!!

I have to be honest..Business has increase for me.. Not because I running crazy.. I’m marketing AnyEvent as a house hold name.. I’m out there so people see me and don’t forget me!!! I’m touching lives as well as enjoying this passion!!!

I would love to here from you.. How you are surviving during these so call recession?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Behind Closed Doors

Any thing that is behind close doors is a secret!
This past week end I had the pleasure of putting together a magnificent art show with an amazing person, Jeralene Minnick. Jeralene is a writer for the Dallas Examiner, here in Dallas Texas. Her articles are located in the Art/ Museum section of the paper. She is a talented writer and I’ve embraced her as a wonderful, spiritual friend.
What Jeralene did was the light bulb of what real business people do... “You create business”!!!
One of the first thing my business adviser explained to me as I sat in a corner crying that no one is knocking at the door “ If you don’t have business, create it!” If you build it, they will come!!!
If you are not talking about; singing about or even showing your business, you might as well leave it behind close doors as a secret! Open the door to the possibilities of your business! Watch it grow..Watch it GO!!!
What are you doing to create business?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What is sisterhood, if we are not supporting each other!

Hello Everyone..Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend an awesome workshop host by Terry Allen, Sister CEO Workshop here in Dallas Texas.. This workshop or summit was for those who were interested in starting a business; in business; or need to know about operating a business. The information provided was great. But the main thing I kept hearing was “We have to learn to respect each other; do business with each other and be there for each other”!! Something that we all know and hear a thousand times.. But are we doing that? Are we supporting each other in the name of Business and Sister Power!!
Men make million dollars deals on the golf course.. They talk business at the happy hour and in the jazz spot!! I seen it and listen in on it.. To be honest.. I learned a lot!!!! (LOL) What about us? Are we so intimidated by each other that we fear helping each person reach the Million Dollar mark? How can we change our view of each other? How can we support each other to assure our business is growing healthy and strong? Do we need to be on the Golf Course?
What is your view on this!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello CEO of the World!! It’s been a minute since I blog! I’ve been busy as well as marketing AnyEvent.
So much has happen since the last time I BLOG!! We have an African American President. The country is stated to be headed for a depression and millions of people are out of work.. When I hear and see things like this it remains me that I can only look for a solution, not worry about the problem God is in control!!!..
As a CEO I had to step up my marketing plan and increase AnyEvent’s awareness. I stop trying to do business in my own neighborhood, and decided to go to someone else’s!!! Meaning, I had to get out side the comfort of my back yard and walk down someone else’s street.
When I first started AnyEvent I made a list of all the people and clients I wanted to do business with. I reviewed the list two weeks ago and realized I had not done business with any of the names on the list.. I made contact, trying to get to them, but have not done business with them. What do I do..go the door, knock and request that the door be open. With God, Faith and perseverance!!! I can do anything!! What about you?
Here are some steps I plan to take going to the next level with AnyEvent!!
1. Pray Daily
2. Review my marketing budget and Marketing plan.
3. Contact my PR friend and ask for some advise on going to the next level with AnyEvent
4. Contact friends and family to remind them “Hey I’m still in Business”
5. Read about my industries more!
6. Create an Affirmation to keep me focus.
7. Surround my elf with positive CEO and people
What are the steps you plan to take to go to the next level in earning your Stimulus Check?