Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello CEO of the World!! It’s been a minute since I blog! I’ve been busy as well as marketing AnyEvent.
So much has happen since the last time I BLOG!! We have an African American President. The country is stated to be headed for a depression and millions of people are out of work.. When I hear and see things like this it remains me that I can only look for a solution, not worry about the problem God is in control!!!..
As a CEO I had to step up my marketing plan and increase AnyEvent’s awareness. I stop trying to do business in my own neighborhood, and decided to go to someone else’s!!! Meaning, I had to get out side the comfort of my back yard and walk down someone else’s street.
When I first started AnyEvent I made a list of all the people and clients I wanted to do business with. I reviewed the list two weeks ago and realized I had not done business with any of the names on the list.. I made contact, trying to get to them, but have not done business with them. What do I do..go the door, knock and request that the door be open. With God, Faith and perseverance!!! I can do anything!! What about you?
Here are some steps I plan to take going to the next level with AnyEvent!!
1. Pray Daily
2. Review my marketing budget and Marketing plan.
3. Contact my PR friend and ask for some advise on going to the next level with AnyEvent
4. Contact friends and family to remind them “Hey I’m still in Business”
5. Read about my industries more!
6. Create an Affirmation to keep me focus.
7. Surround my elf with positive CEO and people
What are the steps you plan to take to go to the next level in earning your Stimulus Check?

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