Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Behind Closed Doors

Any thing that is behind close doors is a secret!
This past week end I had the pleasure of putting together a magnificent art show with an amazing person, Jeralene Minnick. Jeralene is a writer for the Dallas Examiner, here in Dallas Texas. Her articles are located in the Art/ Museum section of the paper. She is a talented writer and I’ve embraced her as a wonderful, spiritual friend.
What Jeralene did was the light bulb of what real business people do... “You create business”!!!
One of the first thing my business adviser explained to me as I sat in a corner crying that no one is knocking at the door “ If you don’t have business, create it!” If you build it, they will come!!!
If you are not talking about; singing about or even showing your business, you might as well leave it behind close doors as a secret! Open the door to the possibilities of your business! Watch it grow..Watch it GO!!!
What are you doing to create business?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What is sisterhood, if we are not supporting each other!

Hello Everyone..Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend an awesome workshop host by Terry Allen, Sister CEO Workshop here in Dallas Texas.. This workshop or summit was for those who were interested in starting a business; in business; or need to know about operating a business. The information provided was great. But the main thing I kept hearing was “We have to learn to respect each other; do business with each other and be there for each other”!! Something that we all know and hear a thousand times.. But are we doing that? Are we supporting each other in the name of Business and Sister Power!!
Men make million dollars deals on the golf course.. They talk business at the happy hour and in the jazz spot!! I seen it and listen in on it.. To be honest.. I learned a lot!!!! (LOL) What about us? Are we so intimidated by each other that we fear helping each person reach the Million Dollar mark? How can we change our view of each other? How can we support each other to assure our business is growing healthy and strong? Do we need to be on the Golf Course?
What is your view on this!!