Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Behind Closed Doors

Any thing that is behind close doors is a secret!
This past week end I had the pleasure of putting together a magnificent art show with an amazing person, Jeralene Minnick. Jeralene is a writer for the Dallas Examiner, here in Dallas Texas. Her articles are located in the Art/ Museum section of the paper. She is a talented writer and I’ve embraced her as a wonderful, spiritual friend.
What Jeralene did was the light bulb of what real business people do... “You create business”!!!
One of the first thing my business adviser explained to me as I sat in a corner crying that no one is knocking at the door “ If you don’t have business, create it!” If you build it, they will come!!!
If you are not talking about; singing about or even showing your business, you might as well leave it behind close doors as a secret! Open the door to the possibilities of your business! Watch it grow..Watch it GO!!!
What are you doing to create business?

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Jeralan said...

Thank you Teri for the encouraging post. To God be all the glory on our little art show.

You are right about creating business. When I thought about doing the art show, I just wanted to see the art, write about it, give the artists some promotion, and I hoped that someone would read about it on I was thinking that the artists and myself could help each other.

Well, praise the Lord, because over 200 people read the article about the art show and you know one of the artist sold some of his artwork. So creating business will not only benefit you, but it just might help someone else.