Thursday, June 11, 2009

Extreme Business Makeover"

As I sit here with a cup of coffee with hazel nut crème, I’m thinking about how I’m approaching the end of our financial year for AnyEvent. A lot of things happen this year, mostly excellent! I have to be honest, business has increase and the visibility of AnyEvent may be a household name in a couple years.
We are not where we want to be, but it’s good to know we’re not where we were (LOL) . As I begin to pull out the financial books, we will do inventory on our client list, as well as our upcoming projects, ready to discuss how we did in business. What changes could we make and where do we need to grow!

This is the time of year, we begin to do an “Extreme Makeover “ for AnyEvent. We will look at what happen in our twelve months, and the connections made.. We will brainstorm ,and look at what worked and didn’t work! Did we give our all; follow up or send out thanks you notes ? All those things are important to the growth of our business. This allows us to make sure that that we grow as a company, that our clients are getting top rates service and that we are content in doing what we suppose to do to keep our clients!!
Operating a small business is not easy when you are growing and doing everything yourself. We are the account; lawyer; the sales person; PR team and don’t forget HR (LOL). And we won’t say anything about running the household!!! Please remember that it’s important, As CEO, doing this makes us work harder at being the best we can be!!! Are you? Do you need a “Extreme Makeover”? What are someone of the things you do as a business owner to assure your customer are coming back? Are you bring you’re “A” game to the table?
I would love to hear from you!


jackie said...

you are so right about operating a small business is not easy. i have my own catering business, doing everthing yourself can be a bit much sometimes. i,m trying to increase busniess and try to put my name out there. sometimes i want to give up, but i can't!!! reading your blog has let me know i need a business makeover.

Jeralan said...

Hey, Teri, you are so right. Running a small business independently is a one woman show. You wear a lot of hats, but many women have done it before us, so we can do it too with patient endurance. God says He never gives us more than we can handle so we must be able to do it, right?

I think looking back at your past year is a good idea. Sending the thank you note is a good idea, too. I had thought about doing that last year, and I didn't. I will send thank you notes for the two gift basket orders I recently completed. I think doing the little things brings customers back.

Texas Health Resources ordered 5 gift baskets from me last year and requested a large gift basket from me again this year. Last year after completing the order, I inquired about their future gift basket needs and just let them know that I could take care of them whenever they needed a basket. The physical therapists that received the baskets last year were very pleased and I ended up becoming the preferred vendor for Texas Health Resources.

So I think you could touch base with your client after completing an event and see what their next event might be and let them know that you can offer your services. Then just give your client your 100% best on the job, and I think that will keep your clients coming back. You'll be the D/FW preferred event planner.