Monday, June 29, 2009

Half Price, didn't Half Step!

Half Price Didn't Half Step!

Back in 2005 when I first open the doors to AnyEvent, I had the pleasure of meeting an energetic gentleman name Oliver. Oliver was in the beginning stages of “Half Price Geeks”, his tech support business. Both Oliver and I were at the stage of getting things off the ground and trying to keep our happy faces on as business owners. For 4 years Oliver and I work hard at marketing and networking. We both even talked about how hard it was and how we both were going to keep on pushing on! We even laughed about going back to Corporate America if this didn’t work out for us. Oliver and I worked hard, and I know that there was times he, like me wanted to throw in the towel and give up, but we kept pushing forward. We worked hard at our business and for selfish reason refused to throw in the towel, even when we wanted to.

I ran into Oliver last week and I asked him how was business? Well not to my surprise, Oliver was hiring his 3rd employed and has moved to a new location!!!! I was not surprise how things were going for him because I had the pleasure of witnessing his determination first hand! He kept saying, “God is good” when I asked how things were going! Persistence was the key for Oliver. What about you? Are you folding, throwing in the towel, giving up? What have you done lately to create a “ household name for your business”? Nothing happens when you wait for something to happen, you really have to make it happen!! Congratulations Oliver on your “Right Persistence Success” I am so proud of you!

Apples falls from trees, but they don’t make apple pie unless someone picks them up and do what needs to be done with them.

What are you afraid of? Who are you afraid of? Don’t sit around and wait for someone to come and knock on your door? Knock on theirs first! I would love to hear from you. Your advise or comments may help someone who is scared to step off the porch and run into their purpose!

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Jeralan said...

Excellent article, Teri. I'm happy for you and Oliver. What a testimony to God's goodness.

You are right. As small businesses, we have to make it happen. We have to be our own PR firm and advertising agency in which we get out in the market place with our customers and our audience. They will never know we are here unless we get out and let them know that we're here to provide this service or product for them.

If God has confirmed your business idea, just do it. He'll be with you each step of the way. It's His business and it can only succeed.