Saturday, November 7, 2009

Preparing for 2010

I am now finding time to work on my Blog.. I have been so busy, that I haven’t had the chance to sit down and write. Not that I’m complaining, but it let’s me know that there are doors opening for AnyEvent.

As I reflect back over the last four years of business I think about some of the mistakes and the accomplishments. I think about the connection I made and the ones I lost. I think about the people who awed me and the people I was like “what ever”. But more then anything, I think about how God never left me.. He walked with me even when I was feeling I was alone.

As you prepare for 2010, let me make a few suggestions:
1. Pray every single day for your business.
2. Trust your faith
3. Don’t let anyone define who you are
4. Save Money
5. Ask for help
6. Network with a purpose
7. Rest
8. Read a lot of business books: Any book by John Maxwell; The E-Myth by Gerber
9. Treat your clients or customer like you want to be treated
10. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake
11. Plan for the future
12. Act like a CEO

Now, some of you may be doing this already, but what about everyday? You should be doing this every single day.. Train yourself to pray, think and act like an Entrepreneur.

My Goal next year is to work on AnyEvent. To trust God as I watch how He handles His business as well as think outside the box. What about you, what is the one thing you plan to do next year to change how you do business so you can increase your clientele or sells???


Gwen said...

Great advice T! I admire your tenacity and dedication when it comes to AnyEvent. I also appreciate you for involving others in your dream ...even volunteering at your events is a learning experience. I will now incorporate DAILY prayer for From Gwen's Heart into my routine. I thank the Lord daily ...but as we learned in church today, God is not only ABLE but He is WILLING too! Doing your part "keeps the party going". I plan on exploring the possibility of "expanding my territory" within the DFW area. Since my dream of a spot with "...For the Soul" on it is in a delay pattern, I will continue to follow the lead of The One who planted the seed, gave me the vision, and is making it come to life. He is in control and I am riding shotgun! I pray that the Lord will continue to KICK DOWN any obstacle that comes in your way, and continue to gently PUSH you as He opens doors for you. Remember, the Lord has NOT given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Continue to approach your business with the bold confidence that has been instilled in you. The love is already there. And may the Lord continue to keep your mind clear to accomplish the things that HE has planned for you. Be blessed! Gwen

anyevent said...

Thanks Gwen! God has always been the creator of our seed. He will always have the doors open for us, it's up to us to walk through them! I'm excited for you, Because I know with your business someone will always have the Word with them!!!