Friday, May 29, 2009

What happen to your passion? What happen to your Dream? Time to step it up!!!

As I listen to all the statements from graduation speeches on ABC news with Charlie Gibson, from some of the most powerful people in this country!!! Michelle Obama, Ellen, an others tell the 2009 graduating class-Be a visionary!!!: Go the extra mile!!! Live your life to the fullest!! Give back to your community!! Do we? Are we? Have we?

Where is the passion we had when we first started our business or saw the vision? What happen to the get up and go ? Has it got up and went? Is our business crying out, what have you done to me lately???
When I first begin AnyEvent, it was right after I was let go from this huge Accounting Company.. I wasn’t afraid, I was happy, I felt that a door was opening for me and I couldn’t wait to got through it!!!. Now after 4 years of hard work and strong marketing, I’m in need of an assistant!!!

This didn’t happen over night! I spent numerous hours getting to this place, and I’m still recreating, reinventing AnyEvent. People laughed and would tell me I need an actual job, or I’m crazy, I cleared those negative people and keep pushing forward. Some told me they want to establish a business, but won’t take steps to get there.. They just keep dreaming!!!

Don’t sale yourself short in your vision or your business. Don’t get tired and don’t give up!! This economy was turned around by Small Businesses during the depression, and I believe we are going to put this country back to work!!! But it won’t get done unless you light the fire again in your passion!!! Stay focus, pray a lot and give back to your community!! Jesus took 2 fishes and five loaves and fed 5000, ask God to increase and then you increase with someone else!!!

I have to be honest..Business has increase for me.. Not because I running crazy.. I’m marketing AnyEvent as a house hold name.. I’m out there so people see me and don’t forget me!!! I’m touching lives as well as enjoying this passion!!!

I would love to here from you.. How you are surviving during these so call recession?