Monday, August 24, 2009

No More Excuses..Really!!! No More!

No More Excuses! Really!! No more!
I said I would focus on special events for my next blog, but this topic was eating at my soul to the point I couldn’t help but blog about it!
I have learned growing AnyEvent; there is no time for excuses. You snooze you lose; you close your eyes long enough it’s gone. Your idea is not the only idea.
When starting out in a business or thinking about a career change, you really have to be on top of your game, on point. You have to pray and begin to ask God to open doors and pave a way! I did a TV interview on Saturday, one of the questions, I was asked “In this economy, how is AnyEvent holding up”? my response, was I’m working on 4 projects!!! Now to his surprise, what in the world can event planners do in this economy when 85% of your business is with companies! And these are people who are tightening their belts to save money? It’s because I make no excuse to the economy, I make no excuse to generating new clients, and I make no excuse for AnyEvent.

When God decided to create this passion in me, I commit myself to giving it my all until He wants me to do something else! Now that is not to say I didn’t get in the way at times or mess up sometimes, it means that I believe in Him and what He is doing through me!!

There were times I had to step back and review His business plan-many times, I had to allow Him to guide and get out the way, even when I didn’t want to. And the hardest part was to allow Him to teach me to stop procrastinating (LOL). When there is a plan, it’s up to us to work it. There is no excuse for talking and not doing.

Does this sound familiar?
1. I don’t have time
2. I work all day and I’m tired
3. What’s for me is for me
4. No one is calling
5. I don’t have the money
6. Is this the right time?

Now I have to be honest, I said a few of these myself, but I was able to snap out of it when I realizes that I may find myself on a phone doing customer service (lol) Nothing wrong with it, Just not me!!! I begin to put things in gear.
Stop making excuse, make things happen. Use all your time and work it like there’s no tomorrow!

My Pastor, Dr. Tony Evans stated one time that he gets about 4 hours of sleep per day because he is working and preparing for God’s Kingdom. I believe it when I look at all he has accomplished, and he did it with help from God and No excuse. The Next time you make an excuse, block out the negative and add the positive!

1. I don’t have time-I can do this 4 hours a night!
2. I work all day and I’m tired-I can give up a few hours on the week end to do this!
3. What’s for me is for me-Ok God, I’ll move forward!
4. No one is calling -“Hello This Teri with AnyEvent”
5. I don’t have the money- If I make sacrifices, I can do this!
6. Is this the right time?-Step out on faith and see!

I would love to hear from you, Let me know what excuses have stopped you from moving forward with your passion!

November 7, 2009, AnyEvent will be hosting our Verge 2009 Women’s Brunch No More Excuses, Time to move forward. We have some awesome women who will be speaking this year on Time management, Finances and No Excuse in your job or business. Tickets are $25 and vendors’ booths are $90.
No More Excuses.. REALLY, No More!
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