Thursday, December 17, 2009

Make This Your Best Year

As I prepare for the dawning of 2010, I’m focus on “Making This a Great New Year”
I have so much I want to do with AnyEvent, so many roads I want to take in introducing more people to our services. I’m excited about the challenges I know I will face.
This coming Year, 2010... AnyEvent will be celebrating 5 years... yes, 5 years... We have come a long way and have a long way to go... and I’m enjoying the ride, the mistakes and the tears that it has given me and I look forward to five more years... This year we hired a Sr. Event Coordinator and have two Interns. We are now working with clients outside the state of Texas an added some new vendors to our list. Some business we had to turn down, and some turned us down and that is part of growing.
We took chances this year, and the out coming was exciting.
When the New Year begins, have you made plans to make this the best year for you and your business”?
Have you set goals?
Looked at what‘s working or not working in your business?
Do you plan to hire help so you can expand more in other area where your business is suffering?
What about advancing in educating yourself? Taking a class, reading more Leadership books?
Networked out of your comfort zone?
What about investing in a conference or workshop?
When was the last time you sat down and talked with your vendors or clients about repeating business...? Looking at a Win Win Situation?
All these things will help you grow.
Can’t wait to hear from you! I really want to hear from you some of the thing you plan and ideas to do for 2010!