Sunday, November 7, 2010

Are you ready for 2011??

Here we are approaching 2011 and you have to honestly wonder if everything you wanted to accomplish did you get it all accomplish? If you look back at all the things you wanted to do, signed up to do or even set goals to do, ask yourself, did you do it?
Well I didn’t, but that doesn’t mean I won’t. I have not completed everything, but I have done some things. I feel like I’m on the right track, Just need to increase the speed just a little to complete a few projects. Now don’t get me wrong, if I don’t accomplish anything before the end of the year, my goal is to place that item of the top of my priority list and complete it with in the first month of the new years. Rome wasn’t built in a day (lol)
So as we look at 2011, have you got your plan together? Have you set your goals? Have you revisited you resume or business plan to see where you are weak and where you are strong,
Reset your direction, revisit yourself and refocus on what you want to accomplish for 2011 and as Nike puts it just do it”
Here are some points that may help you:
1. Don’t be afraid of success- God has it planned for us
2. Accept failure-it’s ok to fail, that’s how you learn
3. Don’t give up- Don’t give in. You will have moments when nothing is happening or times when you feel like no one is ringing the phone, but that’s ok. It happens
4. Hire help-if you are unable to afford help, get some volunteers to help you
5. Revisit your employee’s hand book.
6. Stop stepping out side the box-JUMP.!! Yes stop trying to go out side the box and just do it... if you fail, so what...
7. Learn to relax, take one day off a week to relax, no laptop, no cell phone just be free.
8. Reeducate your self with community college classes in your field, in different fields. If you are not good in marketing, meet with someone or take a class to help you.
9. But the number one thing to do is pray. Pray for guidance strength wisdom and courage.

Now get out there and get ready for an exciting New Year, new adventures and new business. For where there is vision, there is truly hope!
Let me hear from you, I want to know if the blogs we are presenting are helpful, if you have challenges that you face and want to share with others, you never know what your comments may do to or for someone. We want to here from you.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Learning Experience!

WOW! It’s been forever since I actually sat down to write my blog! It’s been hectic and it has been trying but it has been more of a learning experience then anything. What did I learn???? I can’t do it all (lol).
With that said I had to sit down look at AnyEvent business plan and begin to recreate our goals for 2011...
My plan was to bring in interns to help, but I couldn’t even find time for them because I was scattered all over the place, which allow some things to fall through the crack! I made decision I was not able to uphold and some projects I should have let go... But all in all it has been a learning experience.
So here I sit in my favorite office- Panera Bread preparing for 2011 and getting things back in order.
I decided to make some changes with AnyEvent and I’m so happy I let my pride fall enough to realize I needed help. (Lol)
I contact a beautiful Lady Kim Ruffin to help me create an employee Hand book and start looking at a Payroll system so that I can begin to hire employees, a team of people that will help me go and grow to the next level. I have taken time to read more and relax more. I have prayed for direction to where I want the company should go and what it will take to get there. I am talking to with people who can help me make things happen. Meeting with people and connecting companies want to help me grow in the area I want to go with AnyEvent.
I still have a great deal of projects I want to see AnyEvent do, and we are headed that way, but I realize that it will take time to get there and patience. In the meantime, I grow as God will have me.
What has been the learning experience in all of this?
1. That God has not given up on His plan for you and what He wants to accomplish through you.
2. I have I have in business 5 years, I will have these set back and moments, and its ok.
3. Trust God and stay prayed up
4. Get help, forget the pride
5. Stop sitting around thinking that everything is going to happen, It won’t unless you make it happen
6. It’s ok to rewrite the plan
7. Stay connect with those who are going some where in their business and talked with those what have fail and begin again
Yes, I have learned a lot, and the classroom of hard knocks has been wonderful... Now its time to go to the next level... and that is moving beyond!!!
I would love to hear from you, tell me some of the things you faced growing your business,
See you next month

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reinventing yourself can change things for you.
When in business for yourself, you will find that there are times you have to reinvent yourself or revised the way you are doing business in order for your business to grow or thrive. If you don’t then you will not be in business for long.
I’m big on people who have reinvented them self in their careers and life. I look at Queen Latifah, Niecy Nash or Cameron Mathison who plays Ryan Lavery on All My Children... These individuals have reinvented themselves in their careers. They stepped out beyond the box; they went to a new and higher level in what they wanted to do with their lives and careers.
In business we have to do the same thing, reinvent ourselves each year... look at what is working and what is not working... what the newest trends or what is no longer working in your industries. Are you doing business with the clients on your list or do you need to get rid of the ones that are not generating business?
Every year, I review AnyEvent, and explore for new adventures I can take AnyEvent to, going to the next level. I look at how I can learn more about my industries, how I can improve my communication skills or writing skills. I look at my wardrobe to see if it’s professional, do I need to add or subtract. Doing this, reviewing what I learned in a year, allows me to reinvent not only AnyEvent, but me as well. There is nothing wrong with change, good or bad, it’s up to us on how we make it work.
Queen went from Rapper to Oscar Nominated Actress; Niecy Nash went from 911 to host the Entertainment Tonight sister show the Insider, a dancer on Dancing with the Stars and my all time favorite show... Clean House; Cameron has gone from Soap Star on All my Children to interviewing others on Good Morning America. They didn’t wait for a door to open; they created the door to walk through... Change is great! Change is good... You just open up your heart to welcome it in your business, in your career, in your life!
What are some of the changes you are creating to move forward in your life, career and business? Your comments are welcome, it make just help someone!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Doing Me"

Doing Me...
Well it’s been a minute since my last blog. I miss you guys.
But doing that break, I have being doing me... I had to learn that the hard way...
As a small business owner, we are subject to do all that we can do grow our business, especially when we can’t afford to hire help or invest in a marketing team to make sure everything is flowing like it should. We take on projects and clients that we wish whad not or start thinking did we make the right decision to even do this.
Well, a few months ago, I came in contact with a great friend, someone from old school, back in the day type of friends. As we begin to catch up on old time over the phone, he begins to notice a pattern about me...I was always doing things for my business, children and church. As the conversation grew, I talked about how painful it was not having my car, not being able to get around. Then he asks me when do I spend time doing me? Of course I told him, I do. I spend time doing this and that... and he smiles through his voice... No I mean doing nothing, just doing nothing...
I had to be honest, I do everything, and I feel there is soo much to do. So he begin to teach me over the phone how to do me... he made a suggest that I take one day of rest, that I get a pedicure and that I learn to love life again. He told me to turn off the phone, to relax and enjoy life. Now anyone that knows me knows that I can’t even imagine doing that, but I would give it a try.
Listening to his advice, I begin to relax. I stop trying to do things all day long. I’m able to operate again, make time for a pedicures and I begin to breathe. Per his advice, my creativity is now flowing, I’m smiling. I’m relaxing in who I am, I’m able to operate AnyEvent with a clearer view.
I am so much more focus now that I’m doing me and more intone with my needs to grow spiritually and emotionally in the Father and myself... next month I’m going to DC for business and pleasure, and once I get there, business will be few. I do plan to bring my laptop and organizer as well as the blackberry. But I promise him I would turn it off for 24 hours.
I hope you all out there are doing you.. if not.. try it.. Believe me, to get me to do it was not easy, but he was able to teach me to learn that I’m am a special person and nothing is more important then being relax, content and satisfied in growing spiritual through relaxation and mediation in the Word and the stillness of a day..
What are some of the things you do to do you? I want to know.. share with those who is following this blog!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring forward, so that you don't fall behind

Spring forward so that you don’t fall behind.

Well it’s that time of year again; we spring forward, loose and hour of sleep and gain an extra hour of evening. I being a morning person found this tough trying to get out of bed after working sometime through the night. But it’s paying off in the long run.
This is the perfect time in your business begun to see where you are in your goals. Have you accomplished anything or have you falling behind. Have you met with clients that were on your list or have you lost a lot of appointments by having too much on your plate.
I encourage you as well as myself to take a moment in the next couple of weeks to slow down, take a week off and relax. A friend of mines told me that I need BALANCE, so that’s what I have begun to do, find balance.
Finding balance in my life, my business and in my family and friends is important to me. It will help me not to be overwhelmed. This time I plan to smell some flowers and enjoy the spring while balancing the important things to means something to me
My business has a long way to go in its growth and so do I, to make sure we both make it, I will have to make sure that things balance out..
I will be Spring Clean my office, my home and my things to do list.. I will be getting rid of things that have no value to my life and business. I will be saying good bye to some old and opening the door to the new..That’s what spring is all about, FRESH & NEW!!!!

I encourage you business women, this time in this fresh growth, and spring time, re-examine your life, and business.. Take a fresh start and try something new.. Look at the changes that you and make in your life and business.. This is so when the fall comes.. You are not behind..
Let’s hear from you.. What are some of the thing you plan to do to spring your business and life?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I don't have a car, But I'm still in business

I don’t have a car, but I’m still in business
I honestly believe Dallas Texas has the worst bus system in the world! I’m learning the hard way (lol)!
My car has been in the shop so getting around Dallas is hard. Everywhere I go, I have to catch a ride or bus [which is a two hour trip] so I running all over town trying to meet clients and deadlines. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was DC, New York, Atlanta or Chicago, where the bus service is awesome. We are talking about a city where transportation is so outdated that it’s honestly not funny.
So as I rush about town, getting rides to untouchable bus area, and sitting on a rail that rides as slow as a snail, I have to truthfully say that I’m catching up on my reading and thinking (lol).
I can’t let transportation stop me or AnyEvent from accomplishing our daily tasks. I have a responsibility to the Father, my clients and myself to make every meetings, complete all research, and finish every projects that I’ve promise to my clients who entrusted me with their business. There is no justification, not even a car that should stop me.
There is no reason for keeping the operation of AnyEvent going except, mines. So with this time, I pray a lot and keep pushing forward. God allows things to happen for a reason, with my car, I have no idea what His plan is, but I know with the strength He has giving me in His business, and the tears that has falling for AnyEvent, I have to continue on!
I don’t know what your excuse is for not going to the next level in your business but it’s your fault, no one else... Get off the couch, out of your chair, and keep on moving forward. You may not have the money, but God said the earth is His and Everything in it...You may not have any clients or customers, But the Father said ask in His name and it shall be giving. You may be still working your full time job, that’s ok... If you keep working hard and have the faith of a mustard seed you may be able to step out on His will next year and work for yourself... It’s all up to you!
I would love to hear from you. What are the huge challenges you faced since you have been in business, what roadblock have come your way that made you feel like you were at a dead end? I would love to hear from you! Please sure on our blog.. what you say, may help someone!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pursuit of your dream

I just finish reading a story in Essence Magazine about a woman who started her business because her house was going into foreclosure. She had set a goal to sale 100 cakes at $40 each with in 48 hours to come up with some of the money to save her house. When word got out about what she was doing, She sold over 100 cakes and was feature on CNN news. Her family and friends pitched in to help deliver the cakes as well as help her bake them. She came up with enough money to pay off the past due balance, plus put her ahead with in five days.

There are many reasons people start a business. It could be that they are tired of Corporate America, desperate for fast income or a burning passion that they realize can go from love to income... What ever your reasons are for pursuing your desire to be self-employed, don’t give up. Trust in the Father and walk in your passion. It will not be easy, but well worth it...
During this Day, the remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr., I am reminded that it was his dream that we as a country, we have the opportunity to our pursuit of happiness.
This year, make no excuses in what you want to do with your life, whether start a business or move forward in your career or travel the world. You have doors that are open and doors that have closed, it’s up to you to pray to the Father for directions. Don’t let anyone tell you what you need and should do; it’s your life, what ever you decide. This month, I want to know what steps have you take to pursue your Dream!
It’s always great to read your comments and views!!