Saturday, February 6, 2010

I don't have a car, But I'm still in business

I don’t have a car, but I’m still in business
I honestly believe Dallas Texas has the worst bus system in the world! I’m learning the hard way (lol)!
My car has been in the shop so getting around Dallas is hard. Everywhere I go, I have to catch a ride or bus [which is a two hour trip] so I running all over town trying to meet clients and deadlines. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was DC, New York, Atlanta or Chicago, where the bus service is awesome. We are talking about a city where transportation is so outdated that it’s honestly not funny.
So as I rush about town, getting rides to untouchable bus area, and sitting on a rail that rides as slow as a snail, I have to truthfully say that I’m catching up on my reading and thinking (lol).
I can’t let transportation stop me or AnyEvent from accomplishing our daily tasks. I have a responsibility to the Father, my clients and myself to make every meetings, complete all research, and finish every projects that I’ve promise to my clients who entrusted me with their business. There is no justification, not even a car that should stop me.
There is no reason for keeping the operation of AnyEvent going except, mines. So with this time, I pray a lot and keep pushing forward. God allows things to happen for a reason, with my car, I have no idea what His plan is, but I know with the strength He has giving me in His business, and the tears that has falling for AnyEvent, I have to continue on!
I don’t know what your excuse is for not going to the next level in your business but it’s your fault, no one else... Get off the couch, out of your chair, and keep on moving forward. You may not have the money, but God said the earth is His and Everything in it...You may not have any clients or customers, But the Father said ask in His name and it shall be giving. You may be still working your full time job, that’s ok... If you keep working hard and have the faith of a mustard seed you may be able to step out on His will next year and work for yourself... It’s all up to you!
I would love to hear from you. What are the huge challenges you faced since you have been in business, what roadblock have come your way that made you feel like you were at a dead end? I would love to hear from you! Please sure on our blog.. what you say, may help someone!