Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring forward, so that you don't fall behind

Spring forward so that you don’t fall behind.

Well it’s that time of year again; we spring forward, loose and hour of sleep and gain an extra hour of evening. I being a morning person found this tough trying to get out of bed after working sometime through the night. But it’s paying off in the long run.
This is the perfect time in your business begun to see where you are in your goals. Have you accomplished anything or have you falling behind. Have you met with clients that were on your list or have you lost a lot of appointments by having too much on your plate.
I encourage you as well as myself to take a moment in the next couple of weeks to slow down, take a week off and relax. A friend of mines told me that I need BALANCE, so that’s what I have begun to do, find balance.
Finding balance in my life, my business and in my family and friends is important to me. It will help me not to be overwhelmed. This time I plan to smell some flowers and enjoy the spring while balancing the important things to means something to me
My business has a long way to go in its growth and so do I, to make sure we both make it, I will have to make sure that things balance out..
I will be Spring Clean my office, my home and my things to do list.. I will be getting rid of things that have no value to my life and business. I will be saying good bye to some old and opening the door to the new..That’s what spring is all about, FRESH & NEW!!!!

I encourage you business women, this time in this fresh growth, and spring time, re-examine your life, and business.. Take a fresh start and try something new.. Look at the changes that you and make in your life and business.. This is so when the fall comes.. You are not behind..
Let’s hear from you.. What are some of the thing you plan to do to spring your business and life?