Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Doing Me"

Doing Me...
Well it’s been a minute since my last blog. I miss you guys.
But doing that break, I have being doing me... I had to learn that the hard way...
As a small business owner, we are subject to do all that we can do grow our business, especially when we can’t afford to hire help or invest in a marketing team to make sure everything is flowing like it should. We take on projects and clients that we wish whad not or start thinking did we make the right decision to even do this.
Well, a few months ago, I came in contact with a great friend, someone from old school, back in the day type of friends. As we begin to catch up on old time over the phone, he begins to notice a pattern about me...I was always doing things for my business, children and church. As the conversation grew, I talked about how painful it was not having my car, not being able to get around. Then he asks me when do I spend time doing me? Of course I told him, I do. I spend time doing this and that... and he smiles through his voice... No I mean doing nothing, just doing nothing...
I had to be honest, I do everything, and I feel there is soo much to do. So he begin to teach me over the phone how to do me... he made a suggest that I take one day of rest, that I get a pedicure and that I learn to love life again. He told me to turn off the phone, to relax and enjoy life. Now anyone that knows me knows that I can’t even imagine doing that, but I would give it a try.
Listening to his advice, I begin to relax. I stop trying to do things all day long. I’m able to operate again, make time for a pedicures and I begin to breathe. Per his advice, my creativity is now flowing, I’m smiling. I’m relaxing in who I am, I’m able to operate AnyEvent with a clearer view.
I am so much more focus now that I’m doing me and more intone with my needs to grow spiritually and emotionally in the Father and myself... next month I’m going to DC for business and pleasure, and once I get there, business will be few. I do plan to bring my laptop and organizer as well as the blackberry. But I promise him I would turn it off for 24 hours.
I hope you all out there are doing you.. if not.. try it.. Believe me, to get me to do it was not easy, but he was able to teach me to learn that I’m am a special person and nothing is more important then being relax, content and satisfied in growing spiritual through relaxation and mediation in the Word and the stillness of a day..
What are some of the things you do to do you? I want to know.. share with those who is following this blog!