Saturday, September 4, 2010

Learning Experience!

WOW! It’s been forever since I actually sat down to write my blog! It’s been hectic and it has been trying but it has been more of a learning experience then anything. What did I learn???? I can’t do it all (lol).
With that said I had to sit down look at AnyEvent business plan and begin to recreate our goals for 2011...
My plan was to bring in interns to help, but I couldn’t even find time for them because I was scattered all over the place, which allow some things to fall through the crack! I made decision I was not able to uphold and some projects I should have let go... But all in all it has been a learning experience.
So here I sit in my favorite office- Panera Bread preparing for 2011 and getting things back in order.
I decided to make some changes with AnyEvent and I’m so happy I let my pride fall enough to realize I needed help. (Lol)
I contact a beautiful Lady Kim Ruffin to help me create an employee Hand book and start looking at a Payroll system so that I can begin to hire employees, a team of people that will help me go and grow to the next level. I have taken time to read more and relax more. I have prayed for direction to where I want the company should go and what it will take to get there. I am talking to with people who can help me make things happen. Meeting with people and connecting companies want to help me grow in the area I want to go with AnyEvent.
I still have a great deal of projects I want to see AnyEvent do, and we are headed that way, but I realize that it will take time to get there and patience. In the meantime, I grow as God will have me.
What has been the learning experience in all of this?
1. That God has not given up on His plan for you and what He wants to accomplish through you.
2. I have I have in business 5 years, I will have these set back and moments, and its ok.
3. Trust God and stay prayed up
4. Get help, forget the pride
5. Stop sitting around thinking that everything is going to happen, It won’t unless you make it happen
6. It’s ok to rewrite the plan
7. Stay connect with those who are going some where in their business and talked with those what have fail and begin again
Yes, I have learned a lot, and the classroom of hard knocks has been wonderful... Now its time to go to the next level... and that is moving beyond!!!
I would love to hear from you, tell me some of the things you faced growing your business,
See you next month