Monday, January 18, 2010

Pursuit of your dream

I just finish reading a story in Essence Magazine about a woman who started her business because her house was going into foreclosure. She had set a goal to sale 100 cakes at $40 each with in 48 hours to come up with some of the money to save her house. When word got out about what she was doing, She sold over 100 cakes and was feature on CNN news. Her family and friends pitched in to help deliver the cakes as well as help her bake them. She came up with enough money to pay off the past due balance, plus put her ahead with in five days.

There are many reasons people start a business. It could be that they are tired of Corporate America, desperate for fast income or a burning passion that they realize can go from love to income... What ever your reasons are for pursuing your desire to be self-employed, don’t give up. Trust in the Father and walk in your passion. It will not be easy, but well worth it...
During this Day, the remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr., I am reminded that it was his dream that we as a country, we have the opportunity to our pursuit of happiness.
This year, make no excuses in what you want to do with your life, whether start a business or move forward in your career or travel the world. You have doors that are open and doors that have closed, it’s up to you to pray to the Father for directions. Don’t let anyone tell you what you need and should do; it’s your life, what ever you decide. This month, I want to know what steps have you take to pursue your Dream!
It’s always great to read your comments and views!!