Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reinventing yourself can change things for you.
When in business for yourself, you will find that there are times you have to reinvent yourself or revised the way you are doing business in order for your business to grow or thrive. If you don’t then you will not be in business for long.
I’m big on people who have reinvented them self in their careers and life. I look at Queen Latifah, Niecy Nash or Cameron Mathison who plays Ryan Lavery on All My Children... These individuals have reinvented themselves in their careers. They stepped out beyond the box; they went to a new and higher level in what they wanted to do with their lives and careers.
In business we have to do the same thing, reinvent ourselves each year... look at what is working and what is not working... what the newest trends or what is no longer working in your industries. Are you doing business with the clients on your list or do you need to get rid of the ones that are not generating business?
Every year, I review AnyEvent, and explore for new adventures I can take AnyEvent to, going to the next level. I look at how I can learn more about my industries, how I can improve my communication skills or writing skills. I look at my wardrobe to see if it’s professional, do I need to add or subtract. Doing this, reviewing what I learned in a year, allows me to reinvent not only AnyEvent, but me as well. There is nothing wrong with change, good or bad, it’s up to us on how we make it work.
Queen went from Rapper to Oscar Nominated Actress; Niecy Nash went from 911 to host the Entertainment Tonight sister show the Insider, a dancer on Dancing with the Stars and my all time favorite show... Clean House; Cameron has gone from Soap Star on All my Children to interviewing others on Good Morning America. They didn’t wait for a door to open; they created the door to walk through... Change is great! Change is good... You just open up your heart to welcome it in your business, in your career, in your life!
What are some of the changes you are creating to move forward in your life, career and business? Your comments are welcome, it make just help someone!!