Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
I hope everyone has begun the New Year running making the changes and seeking a new direction to what didn’t work last year. We always create new vision and plan going into the New Year. A new direction while making promises a new view of positive changes!!!

I’m excited about 2011; this will be my 6th year in business and my 2nd year going out side the box on marketing and making connections. It wasn’t easy, but I decided if I wanted AnyEvent-Event Planning Service to be more then just you’re around the corner Event Planning Business, I had to go out side the fence to visit other neighborhoods, and it has been a blessing.

I really tried hard to make some connection in my city. Some are good and others not so good, but just like other businesses you live and learn. Going through this transition and stepping out on faith has me enjoying what I do again! I have a client from the Washington DC area Chuck Isom who is top notch to me in the Business World and every chance I get I’m picking his brain to learn what it takes to operate my business. I also have a pen pal name Teresa Royal who I talked to a few time on the phone out of the Maryland area that helps me in different area as far as my event planning business. Both these individuals as well as others, who I have followed, I have learned so much on how to do business outside my back yard.
Last month Mr. Isom allowed me to open his parties to all those in the Dallas Ft. Worth Area. I open the door wide but only a few walked through. There were soo many people I met this year, a 27 year old guy that has his own IT business, a Woman that that design handbags, I even met a Security guard for the Washington Redskins.. All this was happening because I was at the right place trying to make some connections at the right time.

This year I challenge all you business people to go out your own back yard and open the gate to some new possibilities! You don’t have to leave your old neighbors, just try meeting some new people.
What have you got to loose, what are you afraid of! Talking and networking with these new friends, I have met others and now I have something else to add to my service, Sport Parties!!!

What are you afraid of, what have you done to begin the New Year off right to increase clients and money flowing into your business? I would to hear from you, let me and others know how we can benefit going outside our own back yard into a new neighborhood.. Don’t hold back!
Happy New Year! Until next time!
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