Monday, March 28, 2011

Sink or Swim

Sink with the anchor or swim with the sharks

This month I decided to write about Sinking or Swimming in my Business. I know some of you don’t ever feel like that, but I have to be honest, I do. I’m 3 months in to the New Year, where I begin with great ideas and awesome plans to grow and re-event AnyEvent. If something is not working, then you have to make some changes, and that is my goal for 2011.
Now it’s almost the end of March and I’m sitting here looking crazy at my plan book trying to figure out, where did the first 90 days go? I have been in business for 6 years and I’m not near where I desired to be, it don’t mean I’m not going to get there, it’s just taking more time then I plan, which has made things a bit discouraging.

I love being an event planner, I love putting together projects and watching them come to life. BUT there are times, when I feel like blowing this Popsicle Stand and taking off to do something else. Not that Event Planning isn’t my passion, it’s just at time, and I feel lost in what I doing. So my goal for 2011 WAS to do more marketing and more networking in other areas other then my back yard. I did what God asked all Self-Employed people to do “Write the plan, make it plan” Habakkuk 2: 2-3, And I did just that. But, during the hype, I forgot to present it to the Father for review (lol)!
My Pastor, Dr. Tony Evans spoke one Sunday on “Returning to your first love”, and I believe that is was what I needed to do. Return back to my first love in Event Planning, what would that be? Dream again! Be Devoted! Be Determining! In business we will all get discourage, just like in our jobs or volunteer work. But we have to deciding to believe in whose we are and the desire to have what God has giving us in the area of His gift.

I did some studying on a few business owners, Like Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter and the creator of Facebook Mark Zuckenberg. These individuals were ordinary people, they just had determination and drive to do what they WANTED to do with the Gift God gave them. They are no different from you and me. They had no or very little money but they had a drive to go further then they could ever imagine. They believe in one thing, themselves. They trusted one person themselves. Now me as a Christian will always rely on God as my source in everything, but He’s given me enough faith to trust Him in what I’m, doing. It’s up to me whether I’m going to Sink or Swim? I choose to swim. And I’m going to swim as far as I can go, and if possible I will go further then that (lol)
How do I plan to do this?
Write the Plan, Make it plain and move forward regardless of the road blocks that stand before me. I will talk, study and walk in the feet of those who are succeeding. I will continue to pray for guidance and direction. I will be ME and that’s what AnyEvent-Event Planning Service will represent, ME serving my client, My customer My Business!!
Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel? Giving up! Hated that you ever got started in your business? If so share we will love to hear how you decided to Sink or Swim!
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Until next time! Keep Hope Alive!

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