Friday, April 22, 2011

Going back Home

I had the opportunity to go back home for a visit. Our Nation Capital, Washington DC. Home has changed a lot! Some people have changed; some places are different and even some of the opportunities are different, but to me it’s still home.
When I’m away, I still take AnyEvent with me, meaning I’m ready for business at the drop of a hat. My goal is to ask for business and see if I will get it. My conversation is to catch up with everyone and share what I doing, which is AnyEvent.
I was able to talk my way into a golf tournament and speak with my High School alumni President to get things going with our 1979 Class. This will require more traveling, great I like that, in hope it will bring in more business. As my friend Chryssee says “A closed mouths don’t get fed” (lol) and this sista loves to eat!
As I grow and go through the next few months, I plan to knock on a lot of doors to see who’s behind them. As I stated in my previous blog, it’s either sink or swim! And I’ doing all I can to stay a float!
The conversation that I was hearing while listening to some of the “Suits” in DC were about the economy. Everyone is afraid, as I see it, now is the time to prepare for it. From where I sit, it will either get better or worse. It dispends on how you roll with it that will keep you going or shut you down.
Each day is an opportunity to blossom to get out there and re-invent the world or create a job. You just have to be brave, you just have to believe but most of all you have to have faith!
You know I often say- “Write the plan make it plan”
I would really like to know how you are dealing with your business and the economy. Please summit your comments to my blog, but most of all share it with others!
Until next time, I’m the Business Woman!! (lol)

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