Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Growing Pains of Business SCREAM!

I’m finding less and more time to blog, but this subject I pray will help others who has had to SCREAM because a project went wrong!

I’m still working on the project,[thank God] I’m still hired, but last week end was not pretty!!!. My client asked that I bring my staffing team to his lakehouse to meet him before the party at the end of the month![I’m preparing for him this month].
I contact everyone, gave them the date and time and expected them to show up.
What happen? THEY DIDN”T SHOW! I was getting my car service and heading that way when he called upset that he had prepared food and drinks for someone that didn’t come. I was upset he was up set, I was stress out and put my feet to the gas to head to the event. He called and stated that never mind he was packing up heading home.
I apologies 100 times, plus followed up with an email. If I knew his address I would have sent roses (lol). Seriously!
With that said, I’m now VERY careful of my volunteer staff. So I decided to send out a twitter message; FaceBook message and place a message on Linked In and my website that I am hiring paid volunteers submit resume to me..
Never again will I allow this to happen with me or my business. I was embarrassed an upset. My good friend Chyrssee Wright of The Wright One and business-understander as I call her, explained that things like this will happen, she stated get you a group of sure staffer and build from there, you live and learn.
If I’m to increase, I need to make sure that I have what it takes to grow with class and build a vision as it should be. There are kinks and knit-knats that I will go through during this stage of my business, its call growing pain, but I can guarantee this pain will Not happen again!
I have now begin to quickly interview for my volunteer staff making sure that what I ask, I will get. If you don’t understand my business then you can understand where I’m going! (lol).
Sometimes we will fall on our face and when we do, cry get up dust ourselves off and keep on going. It will hurt at the time, but at least you now know how to take a better road.
God has challenged us all as self employed people, whether we are Event Planners; Catering Services; Hair Designers or Writers. We are not exempted, no more then the person who work the 9-5, It how we deal with it when it hit us. Remember the faith that we have in God and ourselves, it will take us far.
I spent the rest of the day crying and the next day praying, but all in all God spent that day showing me I was tougher in this that I thought I was (lol) !
What are some of the growing pains you had to deal with as you grow your business? I would love to hear from you! You never know how your experience can help me or someone else that reads this blog!
Until next time.. The Business Woman

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