Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I need help !

I Need help!

There comes a time in business when we decided if we need help. I am experiencing that this week. (lol) My plate is full of tasks that need to be done, and I’m unable to complete them all even with trying to manage every second of the day! My goal this year was to increase my business for 2011, I wanted to spend more time marketing and promting as well as serving my new and old clients. Well, I prayed and God answer and now I feel like I’m to busy to do it all. With my PT job and business working together, I feel like the minor things that need to be conquered are on hold.
So I decided “ It is time”

I sat down and came up with a job description, a pay rate that I can afford to pay out and the hours I will need the help. Now this will be the interesting part, interviewing. I researched the internet to verify some questions that I want to ask in the interview and I located some on Google, but then I thought, will this work for me?

If you are in the process of making the decision to hire an assistant or PT person, be very clear about what you want. Be very clear about what you need and most of all is very clear about what you expect. This person is representing you and your business and if you are growing your business the last thing you needs is someone destroying what you are building.

Here are a few tips I’m using for preparing to hire my assistant.
1. Review their resume thoroughly. The last thing you want to be worried about if they can handle the job.
2. If you have a service, they must be a people person. You can offer service with out a smile.. Literary!!!
3. How did they dress? What does their appearance say about them?
4. What age has to do with it? A lot…are they mature enough to handle the responsibility of meeting and interacting with clients?
5. What time do you need them? Not when are they available!
6. Details of what they are responsible for; What are you entrusting them with; It’s you business they have to understand that.
7. Are they a reflection of you; your values ‘ your business?

I’m excited about this new level at this new level of my business. I’m also a little scared about allowing some one in to my business, I am praying that God will send me someone that will have the vision I have for AnyEvent.
If you have hired a personal Assistant, let me know how things worked out or working out! Share you story with others!
Until next time, The business woman is at work!

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