Monday, July 25, 2011

Investing in Your Business

How much are you investing in to you and your business?

As most of my friends know, I’m not a reality TV person. I figure I don’t need to know what any houses wives are doing, it’s not my business and the drama is not positive for me to invest in. But I have stumble across a reality show that I really like. It focuses on Businesses, actually growing your business, going to the next level type of show. She is powerful and don’t play when it comes to whipping your company into to place. And to be honest, some of the people she works with, if I were her I would walk out on them and left them there to grow up! (lol)

This lady doesn’t play. She calls these salon owners out full blast and let them know they need to change or they are going to loose their businesses. But the one thing I really like is that she sees if the salons owners are re-investing into their companies, making sure that the stylist are being educated by attending classes at Hair Schools.

Why do we feel that once we are in business we don’t have to reinvest back into our companies with additional [update] education? Things change; business change; there is so many things our clients want and we can’t just think we don’t have to cater to their needs. .Just because it’s working well now, doesn’t mean it will be working like that next week.

Tabatha was working with one salon; the owner was wearing a NEW $400 shirt while in $500,000 debt. Not only did he not understand that his business was failing, but his stylists didn’t realized that they were supposed to update their skills after they left Cosmetology school.

As Event Planners, I’m always reading books; magazines; taking classes and talking to other planners to make sure I’m doing what it takes to stay on top of my game. I want to make sure that if there is something fresh out there I’m on it to make sure that my client knows she was the best. If you are not investing in your business with education; finances and growth, you will not make it.

As a business owner, I encourage you to invest in your education for your business. It will take you a long way! I promise..
I would love to hear from you about how you have invested in your business and how it helped to grow your business positive.
What changes have you made to stay on top of the market?
As always connect with me, the Business Woman.

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