Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Will work for business!

Closed mouths don’t get fed!

Taking from the words of a very dear friend of mines, “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed” So you have to open it [your mouth] to asked for food or at least business (lol).

When I first open AnyEvent, I believed if I built it people will come (lol) ha, the joke was on me, some came and went, but hardly stated around for me to accomplish anything or to make a client. Then I begin to notice something, what would happen if I ask for their business? I would be no better off then I was now. So I did just that, I open my mouth for food to get fed, well at least I open it and start asking for business (lol).

As most of you know, I have a client that is out of the DC area. I begin to notice that a lot of things were happening when my client Chuck Isom begin to bring his clients here to Dallas for the parties. I notice a lot of talking going on. I listen talked and heard, I was like.. WAIT these people are asking to do business with each other (lol) DUH!!

“Everyone is a potential customer” and you never know until you ask them to be.
So I begin to talk with people and ask for their business. I begin to ask what I can do to help them to bring in more business for their product or service.

The hardest thing about being an event planner is that you are not always guaranteed repeated business. Once you do an event; party or theme event, your only certain of repeated business is that the clients request you to do the event next year or a referral by the client. So that means I need to be persistently working asking for business.

If you are falling into a slow slump with business, open your mouth and let everyone know, will work for your business (lol)!

I would love to hear from you, what are the many ways you go after business?
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Until next time.. The Business Woman!

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