Monday, August 8, 2011


Creativity+ Fresh Idea= Reinvention

I walk my dog Heaven early in the Moring, But at this time year in Dallas you are subject to wake up and its 80 degrees outside, but this morning it was a small breeze and I decided to take Heaven just a few more steps today for her morning walk.

This morning Heavens decided to smell every little thing in the park today. I guess she decided to stop and smell the roses sort of speak, and it wasn’t anything I was interested in doing or in the mood for (lol). But it made me think… when was the last time I took a walk through the garden to smell the roses? When was the last time I actual had the opportunity to dream the possibilities? It had been a while. So with that said I decided after this up coming project [EPBC] I’ll take a trip to The Dallas Arboretum. To be honest, I never been there so what a perfect time to go, one Sunday afternoon.
Now the purpose of this will be to relax and recreate (lol). Instead of running home and trying to come up with a few things to do fresh and new I’m going to use what God created.. A garden. A Place where I won’t have internet connection or be confined to a desk. Places where my mind can look, not concentrate .. Focus.. or Think.. I take vacations with business attached, but it’s been a long time since my mind hasn’t, and it needs a vacation.

I think there are times in our business when we have to be able to stop and smell the roses, LITERY!! Take a long walk, go to the museum, sit by a lake or even walk through a park. This is to take our mind of business and the day to day shift of life. Even God took a day to relax after He created something beautiful.

I believe when we allow our minds a day of rest, when we forget about a few things, when we take a mental vacation, we are allowing God to stir up the new beginnings and preparation for the changes He is about to do. We are not the creator of His Visions and purposes He is and If He wants to change; reinvent or begin a new in us, then we have to be still and know Who is in control; Know that He is God..

So.. Once I complete the EPBC-Event Planners Boot Camp on August 20, 2011, I will take a walk through the gardens and allow the creativity that is about to happen flow! I will allow my mind to be a blank. Reinvention is growth, accepting change is progress; relaxing is allowing God to do it all.

Let’s hear from you, how are you allowing your creativity to flow, how to do take a mental break from business so that you can allow God to send you a vision of growth? I would love to hear from you. Don’t be shy, you never know how your inspiration can help me or some one else.
Until next time.. The Business Woman..

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