Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Your Purpose vs Your desire.. Is there a difference?.

Your Purpose vs Your desire.. Is there a difference?.
I just completed a huge project, it’s a project that have done for the last 3 years for Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, it’s the Single Summit. I enjoy working this project, it allows me to not only give back to my church who supports me with AnyEvent, but it also allows me to learn a lot in working with others and learning to push myself harder in what I enjoy doing. After each event I learn something about myself and the one that is that I love working and project managing events. I learn that it is my gift that God has blessed me with and it’s my desire to continue to better in it! I have met a lot of people that tell me that they want to start a business or get into event planning, and then they realize its hard work. With any business or ministry it’s not easy work when building or creating. You learn only the strong will survive. I knew I was not meant for Corporate American after working hard for a company 5 years, giving up my time and talent; working over time having to go through the politics of it all, just only to hear that my work level was average and being refused a bonus because of personal issues you have with me. I knew some way some how God would bless me with a talent and a purpose to be self-employed. Who knew He took the talent I had as first & 2nd grader, throwing parties in my best friends basement as a avenue to get me where I need to be now. Dr. Evans once told us in his teaching, “you will know your purpose, because you would want to do it for free” I know my purpose and I get the desire from it to do better. “Everything that God is going to do for you have already been done”, Dr. Tony Evan, Your path has been created for you, It’s just a matter of asking God for clarification and the road map to get there. It will not be easy, and at times it will be hard. It will not be fun, and at time it will seriously make you cry.. But just think, Christ knew He had 33 years on this Earth to do the will of God, He knew His purpose and His purpose was God’s desire. Is there a difference between the two, I’m still not sure, But I know my purpose is to be the best example in my business for God while I do His will, and my desire is to continue to be the best event planner God created in me. Are you walking in your purpose, it’s it a desire? I would love to hear from your.. Please comment- Until next time.. The Business Woman. pur•pose-noun, verb, -posed, -pos•ing. noun 1. the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc. 2. an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal. 3. determination; resoluteness. 4. the subject in hand; the point at issue. 5. practical result, effect, or advantage: to act to good purpose. de•sire-verb, -sired, -sir•ing, noun verb (used with object) 1. to wish or long for; crave; want. 2. to express a wish to obtain; ask for; request: The mayor desires your presence at the next meeting.


I am Ruth, Proverbs 31 Woman said...

Excellent post! And in the words of Pastor Hawkins - "Your gift will always make room for you"! Keep up the good work, Ms. Teri. YOU are a Woman on the Verge of a Breakthrough - doors bustin wide open!

Stryceelyn said...

You can feel this comes straight from your Hewett. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks.

Cards2Clients said...

This is an awesome word for women looking for their purpose! Your success is ON THE WAY!