Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Is there a Difference in South & East Coast Business? What are you afraid of?

You all know how I love to visit my home town Washington DC. Each time I go, I grow (lol). It’s always a pleasure to visit old friends, families as well as try to do business by creating a new business contact.

I had the opportunity to return home this time for my class reunion.. They are tearing our high school down to rebuild it. It’s getting an extreme makeover sort to speak. While there I was able to have a meeting with a friend who has her own business.

She held an empower event that I was able to attend to network with other business-like mind people. The cost for this event was $50. The room was packed with suited as well jeaned Men & Women. Everyone exchanging business cards talking and getting to know what each other does. There were a couple of speakers a few vendors tables set up for visual services and products the networkers were able to explore. There was finger food and drinks offer [cash bar] and everyone was able to stand up and present a 3 minute elevator pitch (lol). There were about 250 people; per my friend and this was a low count compared to last month. This event is held once a month but on this night it was a special event because of the speakers.

Some of the conversation was business; politics; football and even fashion. Some greeted each other like old friends and other like they have just met for the first time.
After the event was over, I decided to stick around to ask a few questions about the event; the purpose and how long has she been doing this type of networking event.
We sat down and had a wonderful conversation. It was powerful funny and very enlighten. The questions rolled off my tongue like a new student and she answer each one with honesty and joy of her accomplishments. Then I realized from her that there is a difference in doing business in the south verse the east coast. But why since we all are trying to achieved the same thing? It appeared to me we all are trying to become successful; Aren’t we all seeking independence in what we do; Are we not trying to remove ourselves from corporate America to start our own business? Is there a difference in our passions? Hmmm? Is there?

What is holding business people back from growing their business? Is it lack of Education; funding; support? Are we expecting something for nothing? Should we expect our friends to cheers us on or do we feel like every man/woman for themselves?

I learned a lot from my friend and details will be shared later. But I believe I’m on the right track and I’m doing my best in moving forward. I know I still have a lot to learn and some growing to do when it comes to business, but I have decided I want to be like those who are growing their business and not sitting around waiting on something to happen. I know we all have our circle of friends that we do business with, but what would honestly happen if we step away from the circle for a few moments to add create a new circle of business contacts outside the rim of what we have. Will we learn something new? Will we gather new information? Will our business increase? When it all boils down, what do we have to loose if we decide to try something new outside the rim of what we normally do with the people we normally do business with? What are we afraid of?

Let me hear from you, have you done business with someone else other then friends outside your own back yard? What was the results..
Until next time- The Business Women!

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