Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Words of Encourgement to my fellow business owners!

Words of encouragement to my fellow business owners

If you have a dream, a desire a passion to work for yourself, then do it.
If you know every single day when you walk out your front door to go to work and not happy because you rather be working for yourself, then do it.

A lot of people tell me they admire me and wish they could be doing what I’m doing- working for them selves and I often ask the questions “Why aren’t you”? And then it begins, “Well I don’t have any money; I don’t know if I’m ready; I don’t know what I honestly want to do. Sometimes I want to say “SNAP OUT OF IT” (lol) Stop being afraid and just do it.

No, don’t run out and quit your job and instantly think you are going to become a CEO you have to prepare for it. How? By trusting God enough to believe in Him enough to give you direction in the way you should go.

Entrepreneurship is not easy. It’s time consuming and it’s hard work. It’s honestly a scary adventure. But in my heart, those who are and were created for it can do it.
I want to share a few things with you, hoping that the advice I can provide from a business owner to you will help.

1. Pray an ask God to direct you. Pray an ask God for clarification, pray an ask God His desire for your life. Then seek Him in everything from the business plan to the business card. Meaning go to Him an ask Him for the business name; what the card should look like and how should the business plan be written? At this point you are trusting God to be the CEO of your company.
2. Switch roles- turn you full time job into your part time job. Let me explain. Continue to work full time; just begin to believe that you are there for a short time. See your business as your full time job, even if you are working it on week ends. This is the planning process, just remember, you also have a family to take care of as well. This is what I call time management.
3. You will have open doors and closed doors. Don’t let that discourage you. It’s all part of growth. Some times you will be glad that certain doors closed (lol).
4. Surround your self with successful people. I know you heard that often, but it’s true. If you are with successful people then you become networkers with successful people. They become mentors; advisors; connections and event clients. If you are surround by naysayers then you will become discourage and loose faith.
5. Help others. Encourage others; be there for those who are getting started. You will be surprise how it comes back.
6. Take a break when you can, don’t worry about mistakes and failure. It’s ok to fail. Honestly (lol). Learn as much as you can about your industry. Read & study about other companies like yours, but you do you! Do your business like you.

I can’t guarantee that your company will be one of Forbes top 10 business or that you will make millions, Only God can do that. But what I can guarantee is that God is in charge of your destiny and if you want to be that top company top service then you will have to work hard at it. Moses had a staff when he lead the folks across the deserts into the promise land, George Washington Carter was rich with just peanuts and Madam C. Walker had an idea to be pretty. It’s all about believing in God, and believing in you. Stop worrying about the money, whether it will work or not. Just do it. Remember the movie The field of dreams, “If you build it, they will come.
I would love for you to share my blog with others and I would love to hear your comments. Until next time, The Business Woman