Thursday, March 1, 2012

Be Encouraged-by Someone.. Anyone

Be Encouraged-by Someone.. Anyone

Doesn’t it make you feel great when someone say -you look awesome; you did a great job or I’m so proud of you! I spent all my daughters’ lives telling them that. Even when they weren’t good at some things, I let them know how proud I am and was of them.  Mint, my oldest had no rhythm. She played in her high school band in her Jr. Year of school. One game night she was marching off the field with cymbals in her hands. She was suppose to go up and down, opposite of the person in front of her, well of course she was down when the person in front went down(lol). Well I didn’t care; I stood up cheering her off the field. Yea Mint! Whew Ho” my youngest daughter Tee turn and looked at me quietly stating “momma she’s off beat”   it didn’t matter to me, I just wanted Mint to know she was doing an awesome job.

When you are in business for yourself, it’s not easy like the 9-5; or corporate America.  You don’t have your steady paycheck; annual review letting you know how good your work is or a team of people helping you to create one of the best presentation in the world. It’s you and your business and it can be very hard and damaging to the self–esteem. That why it’s always good to have someone who will keep you encouraged and hold you accountable to being the best that you can be in your life.
This road is tough, and I know most individuals who are starting out in their business or even been in business for a while will agree with me.  You really need some one in your corner cheering you on. That one or more person that can tell you “I believe in you-Keep going, you can do this”

You may not always get the support from family or even close friends. Not every one will believe in you; what you are doing or care that matter. Some people will think, what does it matters if they are not cheering me on, But in your heart it does matter; because God created us to be loved and to give and receive encouragement by our peers and love ones.
We all need encouragement from time to time. Even God love it when we praise Him. “He inhabits the praises of His people” Psalms 22:3

We also have to encourage ourselves. That’s the hard part, trying to convinces ourselves that we can do it, even when there’s no faith in us that day.. Ironic huh?  Each morning in my prayer time I ask God to bless AnyEvent and help me to be productive that day. I need that, because every now and then, I’m just not feeling it.
You are a business owner; CEO or manager on your job; take the time to encourage someone today. You never know how much you may help them at the time that they really need it.
Who have you encouraged? Do you need encouraging?  How do you encourage yourself when you are in a funk?
Please comment; we would love to hear from you.. Until next time….
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