Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If at first it don’t succeed, tear up the plan and start all over again. Seriously!

 As I stare out of my office window, I’m looking at how spring is beginning to make an appearance. It’s exciting and fresh.. Everything that was old and cold is now becoming beautiful and exciting.

7 years ago, February 2005, I open the doors to what I felt was going to be the most exciting time of my life; my company AnyEvent-Event Planning Service. I order the business cards, told everyone and I knew and began letting the world know “I’M A CEO!!” I was finally my own boss.

I sat down with my business consultant 7 years ago, we wrote out the plan, how I dreamed AnyEvent would be. I had big expectations for my company. I had plans on where we would be 5 years from the time I started. I had big dreams, and dreams cost and I knew sitting right there in Mr. Howards office I would have to starting paying.. Working hard and building my company from scratch. I was OK with that. But I never knew that it would take me like it did (lol).

The one thing people never want to happen in life is failure. We don’t want bad grades; failed marriages and our children to fail in school. We don’t want our friendships or relationship to fail, because it makes us feel like……We failed. But as often as I stated failure is a part of growth and if you want to grow, in some area you may fail.
I have been working hard with AnyEvent. I had some hits and some miss, more success then failure, But all in all the training I’ve learned has been an experience I wouldn’t trade it for nothing in this world. The school of Good Bad and Ugly has brought me…..Here ...looking at my business plan that was written 2005.
Now I have heard successful business people say that a business plan is the road map to where you will go and grow with your business. I have also heard that business plans are a waste if you are not able to follow it. Does this make someone a good business person because they have one or don’t have one? Hmmm.. Inquiring minds wanted to know (lol).
After much research and study, I realize that it’s both (lol) . There are companies that failed with business plans and others who didn’t; there were some companies said they didn’t write a business plan until they were 15 years in to their company, and still successful to this day. And then there were companies who started with a business and are successful.  All in all you need a business plan to not write, but to follow. So with that said, I looked at my 2005 business plan. Review it careful.. Made a copy, label it FAILURE. Tore it up, and place it in a folder, Copy and the pieces.  I’m not shame, I’m grateful because in all in all leads to trail and error, which worked for me.
So what did I do, I decided to rewrite it (lol) yep. I decided to keep it moving but do what I wanted to do with my business not with what others think it should be doing. Some where I got lost in the “You should” syndrome. I took advice but never listen to my own. I allow myself to get with people who did very little to support me or even mention my name.  This happens in business and we learn from it.
I will still continue to work with my clients in DC and now that I have a bigger project at hand; Real Men Cook Event Manager for the Pittsburgh PA area, I will build business relationships there.
I’m moving forward, I’m excited with my new love. Some things will remain the same with AnyEvent; and there will be changes in other things. It will all be on me and the new plan.. Jeremiah 29:11.. Write the Plan.. Make it plain.. (lol). Plain enough for God to give me and plain enough for me to follow.

Do you think you have failed in area of your business? How many times have you written your plan? Are you really at where you want to be in your business? Let me hear from you.. Your comments may just 

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