Friday, July 27, 2012

At times, it's not worth the fight!

At time, it’s not worth the fight.

I decided a few months ago to take on a project that I thought would be great to do. I believe in the company as well as the product. It was going to exciting traveling; working in this city; doing what I truly enjoyed doing…projecting managing an event. This Event.. This Product was going to me great!

I signed the contract and begin to put people in place; my team got the ball rolling. I had even received the first donation toward the fundraising event; I was really happy. A few days before I was to leave for the big meeting, I got a call explaining I was not allowed to host the event.

WHAT?? What??? I was like are you kidding me? I have signed the contract and YOUR reason was “I can’t do anything because YOU were not aware of me being a part of this event”.. NOTE: if you are a business owner, and don’t know what’s happening in your company; there is something wrong.. (Next blog)

For weeks I communicated via email with this organization trying to get an understanding of what happen; why can’t I do what I signed a contract to do? Then finally I was “awarded” a phone conversation giving me no information, just allowing me to state my case.. Don’t call us. We’ll contact you! NICE! At that point I decided why bother; this isn’t worth it.  
I cut my ties with this organization allowing the door to close. I couldn’t understand why I was not able to do this project. But in my heart, if this was for me; God would have not blocked me from walking through the door.  

There are some things worth fighting for and some not. You have to decide what’s worth the fight!  What’s worth the battle? This project was not worth the fight because I wasn't valuable enough to be a part of their team. At first I was upset then I realize it was their lost. I took one of the people I had in place we are working a new project in that city.

I’m moving forward with a new project and it has me smiling.  I still get to travel and still able to make a difference in the lives of others, this time Women..
They say “anything that is worth fighting for is worth having; I feel anything I have to fight for is not worth it especially when I’m not valued.
This was a lesson learn. And I came out on top! I still have integrity; I still have those who supported me while I was dealing with this; and now new friends in a new city that I can’t wait to work with!

Have you ever had to fight you for something? What did you do? Did you keep on fighting or throw in the towel? Or did you fight to the end? And what was the out come? Please share with me how you handle the fight!

Until next time.. The Business Woman. 

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