Thursday, May 24, 2012

Reading is Fun and Education is powerful? What on your book shelf?

Reading is Fun and Education is powerful? What on your book shelf?

I love to read. I honestly believe I have about 100 or more books. I have books about business; event planning; I have books about event designs and finances. I have books on leadership and self help as well as books on fashion (lol). I even have about 4 bibles in my collection on 4 different languages. I have a couple of novels not many.

I love to read books by John C. Maxwell, Judy Allen, David Tutera and Preston Bailey. I enjoy books by Charles Stanley, Dr. Tony Evans, his daughter Priscilla Shirer and Michael Gerber the author of the E-Myth.
My purpose for reading is to become excellent in my business as well as with my vendors. I want to stay on top of the latest trends and learn more about my craft in the field of event planning.

From time to time I luck up on a few classes or seminars to attend to make sure I’m on top of things. I meet other event planners and find out who is doing what. Our market is wide because we have so many avenues to capture; I like that because what I’m not doing I can refer to someone else and what they are not doing they can [hopefully] refer to me.

 We can’t ever think that we are so successful or have it going on that we don’t continue to educate ourselves in our industry; leadership or finances as well as spiritual growth. The market is changing and the demands for creativity are getting bigger! Every client wants the latest and every vendor wants to know you know the ins and outs. At one time it was “Who you know” Drop a name and everyone listen, now it’s “show me what you’re working with and how you getting it done”  Get in where you fit in or be left behind” is the new slogan to survive in business. BUT you can’t do it if you don’t know.

Who taught me about AnyEvent? If like most of you, we taught ourselves about our business, heck we created it (lol). We've been both the problem and the solution to our business; it’s a challenge. We've worked and serves clients every day. We know we need more help with sales, time, and most of all more training. We work to a large extent because of how much we care about our business. We also know some of us don't have the tools or skills to get to the next level. If we don’t we must continue to educate ourselves; read more or take a few classes here in there. Our business doors will close and we will be sitting there trying to figure what happen?

As an event planner I attend bridal shows; bridal seminars. I go to cooking classes and network with people who usually don’t do business with me, but that’s okay; I do it to learn and educate myself. That’s my responsibility to me and AnyEvent.  It’s a part of business growth!
Invest in yourself; in your company in your staff.. Get educated; it’s part of becoming more marketable as well as a value to your client.
What books are you reading? What was the last class or seminar you to for your business?  Did it help you learn more about your industry? What training are you lacking to go to the next level? I would love to hear from you! I welcome your comments and views.  

Friday, May 4, 2012

when you know who has your them!

When you know who has your back.. Trust them.

This year I decided to take on a huge project for AnyEvent. I want to do something different with my company by working with a product/ organization that I believe in my heart will open doors as well as help in communities.  I looked over the plan and made some notes. I prayed over the information I received and there was nothing to do but move forward with it.
This was the open door I was looking for; so I thought.. Until I fell into a minor set back that left me feeling like I made a HUGE mistake.

The one thing I do in my spear time is read. And when I read, I read about business and my industry, event planning.
[Don’t ever think you can continue to be in business with out education and reading. Things are changing every single day, and what you learned when you first started, I can guarantee it’s no longer being done today; but I will save that for my next blog (lol)]

In my reading I’ve learned that people who support each other; who don’t mind listening to your growing pains, the ones who don’t mind taking your call when you have questions are the ones that have your back and become successful. In other words, the business person who is there for you will not only become successful, will allow you to become successful too.  

Today a person I call a friend made me do something I couldn’t believe would get done. They made me CHALLEGE myself.
This project that I will be working on for the next year (a long with all my other events) will require me to step out on more faith then I ever imagine. So when I fell in to the minor set back; at least what I thought would be a set back, this person sent me some information that I wasn’t able to swallow.  I said to them, I honestly don’t think this will work. They begin to pour in to me what I had poured into them about me and AnyEvent.  They didn’t make me feel bad about how I saw things or what I felt, they stood strong and told me.. I got your back.. Today they were there.

“Don’t look at the numbers; look at the possibility of what this will do for you they said. I didn’t feel like I was being set up to fail when we finished the conversation.  I literally felt like they were looking out for me. When I looked back over what they presented, I realize.. It’s a Win-Win situation.

As we grow our business; as we try to go to the next level it is good to have someone who sees the bigger picture enough to help you win. We will always face fear; there will come times when we honestly don’t know who we can talk to or if we can do it financially; spiritually or physically.  But knowing someone is there to encourage; you take your call with out an attitude and supporting you regardless and most of all not making you feel like a fool is a business person that has your back.. That’s a person who from the heart believes in you!
Do you have someone in your life like that? Who shares you business dreams; who support you and believe in you enough to push you above your imagination?
Do you have someone connected to your business that is praying for you during your struggles? How do you feel when you are faced with challenges and don’t have anyone to turn to?  Please share your comments and views; I would love to hear from you.