Saturday, August 3, 2013

Building a Community with Liked Mind People

A few Sunday’s ago, my Pastor Dr. Tony Evans started a new series of messages about building a community; a small group of support within in our church membership. At Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church we have Small groups. These small groups help members not to stand alone in a church that host over 9000 members. His vision is to make sure us as a church body support for one another. And when member gather together we become active members who do awesome things inside and outside the church. We create and build like mind communities. That is powerful.  
It’s the same in business; when you are a growing a business, it’s important that you build relationship with other entrepreneurial so you do get lost among the good, bad and the ugly of business. Making contacts and building relationship is what it will take to get you were you need to go. Remember the saying, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know”, It works in a community that support each other and support you.

At the beginning of the year, I decide to revise, review, add, and subtract things with AnyEvent. I made a crucial decision to stop just being a small business owner and creating a BUSINESS. I took the small off and put my big girl pants on, got rid of the nay-sayers and unsupported connections and did what it was going to take to have the type of clients and repeated business I want for my company.  When I made that decision, something happen, God said YAY!! You’re listening. After 8 years I begin looking at growing with like mind people. I begin taking more classes and chatting over coffee with anyone who would share with me how they got started. It didn't matter is they were an event planner or owner of a winery; I wanted to know what they knew.  I invest in education and conversation. It was so worth it.
The community began to build. I didn't jump in saying “I’m this and that” I walked through the door with my Dunkin Donuts traveling cup and said “ help me” No shame, no pridefulness just this is what I’m trying to do, How can we do it together” ?

People were open to it, and the doors begin to open. I start to learn and building a community  with like mind people not only in Texas, but Oklahoma, Atlanta, DC and Florida.. We are all working for the good of our business and learning from each other as well.  It didn't matter if they were men or women, I was building a support team that came only side me, ask me questions and held me accountable to what I must to do and what AnyEvent Sports & Entertainment Company could accomplished my short and long term goals. I now have a support of business like mind people, and that help me to “Love what I do even more.”.
A couple days ago, I attended a Breakfast Networking event held by KCBI-Dennis Page at Costco located in Arlington Texas. This networking event was going to be different for me, I was not only going to meet a different group of people, but they were Christian business owners; this was scary. As the doors were opening for this event, I rush through the doors looking for a familiar face. It was amazing how everyone was ready to connect and work with each other. I left the event with no business cards and a 2 year membership to 24 hours fitness (lol).  After reviewing the business cards I obtain at this event, I realize I was not able to use their services. Some were brokers, level marketing people, insurance companies; services I already had or seriously didn't need. But then the light bulb went on (ding..ding..ding..) But they all could use my service. So now it’s time to build a community with these like mind people.

You don’t have to do this along, get with people who are moving in the same direction you are; people you trust enough to have a cup of coffee with and talk about your dreams. Open the door to receive and give.

 Have you built a community with liked mind people? Do you want to? If you have how is that working for you? Has business increase or decrease? Please share your successes with us; I know some people would love to know how your community is going!

Until next time, The Business Woman. 


Kara said...

Very well said! It is very important to build that community, because God didn't create us to go it alone.

Dana Williams said...


Very well-written blog post. At the beginning of this year, I made the same commitment. This dream that God has put in my heart since childhood must and will be fulfilled.

I have come closer, but still have a ways to go. Going it alone is so exhausting and counterproductive. Building my community is something I have begun but am committed to doing a better job at.

Teri Lewis said...

Thanks for your comments Dana! It's powerful when you are working side by side with people who not only want to work with you; but want to see you succeed!
Thanks for posting!

Teri Lewis said...

I know Kara, this road is to hard to walk alone. Jesus had a group of men who believe in Him and help Him to complished His purpose! He had His own small group! (lol)