Sunday, December 8, 2013

Are you ready for a new year?

 Every year I think about what I didn't accomplish with AnyEvent. I think about the goals I set and the wish list that I look forward to making happen.  Every December I remind myself to kick it in gear to be better then next year.
This year, 2013 has been a great year for AnyEvent. We had a few clients, not many. We made a few mistakes, only a couple, but this was the year we build relationships and worked at improving our service and company, we worked hard to better service those who need us and open doors to generate return business. For AnyEvent Sports & Entertainment it was about relationships.
Our goal was to open doors to relationships that would open doors to potential clients. To build partnership in helping everyone we build bridges with succeed. Today  Small businesses need help, whether its advice, getting clients, marketing or even asking someone for a referral, we all need help. And what better way than to have someone who supports you, help you become the best you can be in all areas. A very dear event planner friend once said to me when I was trying to figure out how to grow AnyEvent, and venting to her, (she listen and said nothing)Then finally when my mouth closed, she said five words to me that made TOTAL sense. “Closed mouths don’t get fed” and she was right.  Every since she share that with me,  I begin to work at asking and searching to get just what I need for AnyEvent, and along the way it help me open doors for others in Dallas places outside my back yard.
There will be people who can open the door for you are closes them, there will be business that are worth the challenge and other that lets you know all money is good money. But it’s part of growing your company. I learned this year that the only person that stands in the way of me not being successful is me. The tools are out there for me to work with, if I don’t ask for help then I can’t expect for anyone to know.  Before I blamed anyone on the unsuccessful projects I have to look at the top first and that begins with me!
So, as I close out 2013 and open the door for 2014, I welcome in the fresh ideas, the relationships with others and enough sense to know that I can’t do it alone. Our Theme, my theme for 2014 “Is building relationship that will help me connect with the clients I want to do business with”. 

Get ready.. 2014 is 16 days away and time waits for no one. There is businesses out there and people want to do it with you near and far! The only person that stands in the way of your success is you and your ability to not want to succeed. 2014 is your time to remove the fear and move forward in being the best you can be in your business, career your life!!
What are you preparing for you career, your business in 2014? What didn’t work or was your biggest success in 2013? What relationships has open doors for you? I would love for you to hear from you, post your comments on our blog!

Until next time.. The Business Woman!

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