Sunday, January 13, 2013

The new beginning of the year!

January 1, is every day!

Happy New Year Everyone!
Don’t you just love the ringing in of a new year that has possibilities written all over it?  January 1, the new day we set Resolution promises to do better on our jobs; with our business and in our careers; at least that’s what we tell ourselves. One of my favorite resolution is not to procrastinate, however I've learned it’s not about the resolutions as much as it’s about the action that is attached to the verb. Truth be told, we all set goals/resolutions too hard to keep, or make promises to be better and do better, but when you think about it, it can’t be accomplish unless we tackle our passion head on.

Fresh ideas and new adventures enter the New Years with me.  It’s like the first time you start your business, new position on your job or new career? Remember how fun and exciting it all was? That’s the feeling we need each day. Every day should be January 1 for us, helping to keep our energy flowing like the New Year. It’s that feeling…the attitude that will help us to take on the world, and "you know we can" determination.

For 2013, I decided to take on the newness of keeping promises by making changes to the challenges I faced last year. What about you? Even though some of your goals or resolutions were kept, make a pledge to take everything that blocked/ stopped you from moving forward; going the distance; taking you to a HIGHER level in all you want to do, by giving your best to accomplish each promise  as January 1.

Make a promise to yourself in 2013 to:
1.       Pray more
2.      Forgive yourself for mistakes you made in 2012
3.      Invest in your education within your industry
4.      Invest in a day-timer..seriously
5.      Update your business plan or resume
6.      Take networking to the next level
7.      Meet new people inside/outside your industry
8.      Ask for the contract
9.      Communicate with clients via phone, not emails
10.   Clean out your emails
11.    Update your business cards & clients list
12.   Ask a CEO out for coffee
13.   Join an industry organization
14.   Take a accounting class
15.   Join a focus group
16.   Become a speaker
17.   Do business outside your back yard
18.   Be a mentor/ get a mentor (do both)
19.   Volunteer to a nonprofit organization
20.  Create a healthy lifestyle
21.   Take a walk/hike
22.  Meditate every morning with God
23.  Relax/ take a vacation
24.  Give back

Each week I will focus on one of the promises listed above to challenge you in 2013. Share your accomplishments with us on my blog; share what you conquered, you never know how you may help someone! 
Are you ready for the New Year? Have you set your goals for 2013? I would love to hear from you. Post your comments below.. Until next time.. The Business Woman!