Sunday, June 9, 2013

Write On!

Write On!!

I’m not a good writer, I know. I made a B+ in composition 1 & 2, it doesn't make me a perfect writer, just let me know that I wrote well enough to pass the class. I am the first to tell you I’m not perfect in this area of my business. My problem is I write what I say, I admit. I had people to school me by correcting me unkindly, and I have others that said “Teri, you need some help in writing?” and others that laugh at me in a sweet humorous jester.  But it’s okay because I know they meant well.

Knowing my writing is not perfect, I seek help from those I know who would help me. It’s a part of my growth to improved in areas I need assisting.  We sit down and talk about what I want to say and put it into sentences and paragraphs. I’m getting there folks; It takes time (lol) hang in there with me.

At one time I allowed others to make me feel bad about my writing; but I learned “be not ashamed of your untalents, enjoy the blessings of those who hold it”.  It’s about building the bridge together. I may never be a PERFECT writer; and I’m okay with that. It won’t stop me from trying to put the right words to the page or stop me from blogging. It will only help me to get strive to do/get better.

We all have talents God designed especially for us. We all have things that we are good at; as well things we can’t do to save our lives. I had a client that told me, “I couldn't be an event planner if they paid me double what I’m paying you! It’s too much” I understand, because what she do for a living, I definite wouldn't do.  God didn't create me to be a writer, He knew I would have books scatter all over the world; He created me to be a person that loves to party and help others enjoy themselves. I enjoy my imperfectness (lol) because it brings me to those who have the skills I need.

What are you Untalents? And how do you embrace them? Did you get help to do better? What is holding you back from asking for help? Shame..Fear.. I would love to hear from you. Please share your comment on my blog; your views just may help someone! Until next time The Business Woman.