Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Coffee Break Time

Coffee Break Time!

Everyone that knows me knows I love coffee. My favorite coffee is hazelnut with crème and one splendor.  I love the smell of it brewing when I walk into a room, it’s like Heaven to me (lol).  My best friend Sheila in DC sent me a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas. It was one of the best gifts I received. I just pop one of those little pods in the machine, press brew and it’s on. 

When you work none stop in your business sometimes you have to take a coffee break; a coffee break from everything and everyone. There are times when I work day and night’s non-stop, trying to create proposals, research venues and even trying to put things in order. I get so overwhelm that I STOP; get in my car, drive a few miles to Dunkin Donuts in Cedar Hill Texas and have a cup of coffee. I sit down in their little cute cafe and smile.

If you are not leaving your office to take a break; you are doing more damage to your business as if you were not doing anything. It’s about escaping and reprogramming your mind to relax for a few minutes. It’s a catnap. My catnap is a cup of coffee AWAY from the office.

It’s the joy of being away to clear your head; to exhale, to take your mind off everything.  When I return back to my office, I return with a with a new view, get-up-and-go, a clear head and more important a smile.

As small business owners we work hard; day and night, plus some of us have a full time job. It’s important that we take a break from what we are doing so that we can relax our minds. If you don’t drink coffee, take a walk, visit a friend, go have an ice cream cone, just don’t work around the clock with out taking a break.

What do you do to take a break? Where do you go to take a break? How do you fee after taking your break?

I would love for you to post your comments. Share your thoughts on taking a coffee break. Until next time.. The Business Woman.