Monday, October 21, 2013

Know your role.. Know your industry..Know Audience.

Know your role.. Know your industry..Know Audience.

Everyone that knows me knows that I LOVE Scandal.. The ABC hit TV show starting Kerry Washington ad Tom Goldwyn.  It is right now the number one hit suspense and drama TV series. I have been watching Scandal since it first aired. The twist and turns of this show has 10.5 million people watching every Thursday night 9:00pm cst.  Some like the affair between Fitz (President Grant) and Olivia Pope of Pope’s Associates. There are others who love her fashion and viewers who love the back end story of the government and what we believe goes on behind closed doors.

I watch Scandal every SINGLE Thursday night at 9:00pm. Now here is the thing as a business woman Olivia Pope is powerful.  She knows who is who and her clients respect her with all they have. She has a team of odd and strange Gladiators (employees) who she believed in and trust. They come from all walks of life and she is okay with that. Her right hand man Huck- who was once a train assassin; Harrison was a attorney who was caught in illegal trade; Quinn Perkins who changed her identity because she was frame for the murder of her boyfriend, and Abby who was a congress wife and investigator. The entire odd individual make up Pope and Associates.  

Why do I like Scandal? Because I love the fact that Olivia runs her own business and has a diverse team working for her. Now as I do, get seriously into this show, I notice that Livie spends a great deal watching the news and information pertaining to the White House, Congress and the Senate.  She makes sure that she is in tune with what will be her knowledge information for her clients..

 That is how we need to be when running and operating our business. Make sure that we are in tuned with everything it takes to operate our business in full force. Know everything about what we believe our clients like, even if we haven’t met the client yet. It’s important that we also know the ins and out of our industry.  As event planners for Sports & Entertainment, It’s my responsibility to know about the players in at least two states; who are the local entertainers, who just made the team of the Dallas Cowboys and where did they come from? It’s your responsibility to make sure that you are watching the TV scream to know what your client wish they want verse the real deal for planners.

Since David Tutera, Brides have been looking for a “My Fair Wedding” and if you are not in-tune with the last episode then your clients will think you are not current on all the latest Weeding Planner trends.  Are you a Gladiator for your company? Are you in-tune with what is happening in your industry? What about what you want your client to want?  I would love to hear from you about how you are making sure you are in-tune to your client?  I would love to hear from you, please post your comments, it just may help others!

Until next time.. The Business Woman