Monday, November 4, 2013

Fear that over power your faith

When I first started out in business with AnyEvent I was super excited! I knew I would conquer the world as an event planner. I knew I would be the go to party planner, my phone would ring off the hook and we would be the “IT” Company! You couldn't tell me anything different, boy was I Siked!! I made one mistake and it locked me into fear. I allowed one mishap control me into believing I was not good enough, strong enough or smart enough to do what [in my heart] knew I wanted to do.

     Fear can really over power our faith. It can literally causes us to doubt who we are and question our expertise. Fear can take you from top to bottom because it becomes our comfort zone; it becomes our hidden [behind the Word] leader.
As I was growing my business under the leadership of “power of fear”, I was walking around telling myself “when God says this, When God say that, it will happen” and tried sleeping on that truth. I became so afraid of failure that I believe what “I” thought God was telling me. Don’t get me wrong, God does tell us when to move and when to be still, and we know. As Olivia Pope say, it’s that gut feeling.  But trying to believe the lies we tell ourselves to justify the truth, it becomes just that.. lies.  I lost my passion and found my fury. I lost all hope in me.

    One day while I working on some research for AnyEvent, I came across my very first business card. It was pink and it had the name of the company and a phone number. I looked at it and begin to cry, I knew that I let fear take over me because of one mistake.

     Everyone has a passion in them to do or be something, Teachers, Doctors, Engineers even Event Planners. Everyone has a purpose. He [God] allows our path to be created just for that. But it’s the journey that will allow us to fulfill it.  I can’t imagine how many people who are in their graves saying “ I wish I had started that business or I wish I became a doctor” That’s what I call grave dreams, because your dreams are buried with you,  that my friend is not God’s plan.
I begin looking at my goals and my vision for AnyEvent. I started to refocus my mind on who and what I was going to do with God’s plan.. I revised, rejuvenated me and I begin to look at 
God as CEO not Fear as leader. I touch bases with previous clients and we talked about how 
they were pleased with my project. I encouraged myself.

     You can’t let fear over power your faith. If you believe in God, and what He has designed you to do; allow your courage to overpower your fear. Allow your faith to take you to the next level in being what God created you to be!
What are your fears and how did you conquer them? Are you stronger and better now that you have conquered fear? How is your faith? I would love to hear your views on this your comments. Until next time.. The Business Woman!