Monday, May 19, 2014

Whoose Hand is your Business Card in?

Whose hand is your business card in?
I love networking, I love meeting people and listening to them talk about their business. I learn a lot when I hear what the do and how they got there. I also love giving my business card and letting people know if they need my service I’m available. Then I think "who's hand did I just put my business card in?" Don’t get me wrong, I know their name and what they do, but how important will I be for their business or theirs to mine?
I have learned from a great friend of mines; Theresa Royal Brown of the famous ENPET Networking Business Group in Washington DC; networking is more than just putting a card in someone’s hand, it’s about building relationship with that person.  And when you place your business card in their hand, your goal is to build a relationship with them and them with you.
 When I began AnyEvent, I was giving out business card to anyone that would accept them. I would go through tons of cards with no return of business. No calls or business from anyone. People had my card, I had theirs, but no relationship  Then the light bulb came on, all people see is a business card, they have no idea who I am, so why would they want to do business with me?

When doing business it’s so important to establish a relationship with those who you want to do business with. The reason we use the same lawn guy is because we like the work he does. The reason I keep going to Dunkin Donut in Cedar Hill Texas, is because I know they will fix my coffee right each time. I have built rapport with them, I love doing business with them. I trust them.

Putting your business card in the hand of the person you want to do business with will require you to build a connection. Once you have that card, it’s time to establish the connection by extending the hand of friendship;  letting them know you appreciate meeting them and you would love to meet with them soon. Extend the invitation again with a date and follow through, it’s just that easy. Invite them to networking events and special events that you attend.  This opens the door for trust and allows the business and relationship to build.
Theresa Royal Brown has given me excellent tips on networking and I’m using them daily when extending my business card as well as opening the door for my business.
To learn great netwotking tips, visit Theresa Royal Brown website

Who’s hand is your business card in? What relationship and business partnerships have you built by using your business card?  Please share your comments and views, I would love to hear from you. Until next time, The Business Woman.