Saturday, December 5, 2015

An Amazing New Year!

An Amazing New Year
Isn’t it amazing how the approaching of a New Year we gets this BURST of energy to conquer the world!  We’re ready to take on everything, anything and anyone that comes our way. We are changing, moving, setting goal, deleting folks from our friends list on Facebook, we are wiping the slate clean and starting all over. The New Year brings excitement; the possibilities of something new. There‘s hope in the New Year and miracles looking to happen. Isn’t it awesome the New Year does that to us?
No matter how you see it, the New Year is the open door to everything new and everything from old is gone. There is something about the New Year that wipes away the past faster than yesterday, the New Year makes everything that didn’t work disappear! 

For Some 2015 brought new adventures and excitement, tears along with fears, new job, old friends, new relationships, broken hearts, 2015 for some is a year that some can repeated while others are glad to see it departed. There were failures and success, new friendships and partnership built while others faded away. We pick up clients and lost some. We start new jobs, new business and return to the old way of doing things because everything else didn’t quite seem to work.
Whatever happens in 2015 good, bad or ugly, it’s okay, because it was part of God’s plan. Jeremiah 29:11 tells us “I know the plan for you it’s is to prosper you not harm you” (New American Standard Bible). 
Embrace what is before you. Stop making excuse to do this and do that. NIKE came up with the “Just Do It” slogan because the company recognized the fear players face each day on the court and on the field. What could possibly happen if you  went back to school; started a business or every Sunday go to a shelter to feed  the homeless? What could happen if you decided to move to the next level in your career, mentor children on Saturday afternoon or coach a little league basketball team? My mother always told my three sisters and me, “nothing beats a failure but a try”!! And I lived by that daily!
So, with 2016 on your coat tail will you “Just do it”? Create a year that will blow your mind!  Start that business, learn that dance, go to New York.. This is your life and it was only dealt to you with one hand, so don’t tunk out!!  Grab 2016 with possibilities, excitement and expect miracles.
Are you ready for the 2016? 
What goals have you set? What moments do you want to embrace? Are you going to make serious changes, Let's hear from you!! 
Post your comments!! Until next time!! The business Woman! 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Make room for Business

I was in a conversation with a friend of mines, as we discuss business she informed me that she has over a 10, 0000 email in here email box. I was like really?? Have you tried getting rid of them? She was surprised I asked. I though, I have 3 email accounts and between them both I have over 2000 emails.. each account. Why do we let all those messages pile up? Don’t we have some kind of folder we can tuck them in till we need them? And why do we have so many email accounts? I have my business email, my gmail account and my personal email account I use for basic information. 

 Just like spring cleaning we have to take a moment and the time to clean out the clutter of our email accounts. Now I will be honest, I had emails from when I first open my accounts and located emails from New York & Company from 2009. And I have to say, the sales do repeat themselves lol; I also located emails from previous clients and friends I lost touch with. 

Cleaning out my email box was time consuming; I had to reviewed emails to decide if I needed them or to create a folder for them. So I took a Saturday afternoon, turn on Time Warner jazz station 1944, and begin working on a project that need to be accomplished.

I looked at the emails I was getting, and those I no longer need to subscribed to. emails were coming in that  was filling up my email box with specials  as well as information from varies 
companies and organization I no longer was involved with.  I unsubscribed to about 
15 companies, and that was just my gmail account. 

I search the email by titles to varies companies and organizations to see what 
was out there in dead email land. Example; I enter "Sparks" in the search title 
and all that dealt with the company came up, I deleted them all. No need for them, other 
email I felt I couldn’t part with, I either created a folder or clean out the current folder 
and add current information. 

Finally I deleted. Yep I deleted every email I knew was no longer part of my email life... deleted, and it felt great.When I finally finished I had a total of 7 emails in my email accounts. I went from 1709 with just my gmail account to 7 emails. 
What a relief,  It felt great. 

The pressure of having all that information in my emails accounts was wearing on me and it was extra stress I didn’t need. This process was a personal growth project for me. I let go! 

After letting go of the emails I reviewed my contacts. I sent emails to everyone in my contact list asking if they would like to remain part of my email base. Now out of 1300 contact 800 came back un-receivable, meaning the email no longer is available. YEA!! Another success, I was able to clean out my contacts. 

This allowing coding to where I want to place the remaining  contact Business; Personal; friends and clients. 

Cleaning my emails accounts allow me to not only get rid of unwelcome emails and stop 
subscription of unnecessary email, but it freed me to make room what I needed by opening the door for new business. I read somewhere; when you removed all that is cluttering your life, you make room for something new. And now I have room for  fresh and new business. 

What is cluttering up your emails accounts? When was the last time you removed all the unwanted information that was blocking you from seeing a future?  Let’s hear from you on how you made room for business!

Until next time.. the Business Woman!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Let it Flow..So all can see!

Let It Flow.. So all can see! 

 I’ve learn from my journey of self-employment there will be moments that you are not in the mood to do anything with your business. No email for new clients, no social media posting, you don’t want to even deal with that fact that you are in business. I’ve felt like that and know other woman who felt that way too. I call it a FUNK; It’s that deep down leave me alone don’t want to be bother mood; and when that happens , I have no creativity energy in me what so ever.   And as much I hate that feeling and sometimes even try to run from the emotions of it, there are times I have to embrace it.

But when my energy juices get to flowing, all that creativity inside me starts to boiled and I just want to POP!! Why? Because something has cause my juice to get going- getting me back in the groove of making it happen.
I’m an expression person. I love being BIG in who I am, one friend called it center of attention; others may say I’m too much! However you label it, when I’m excited I become creativity!! My Creativity book is filled with so many projects that I can’t wait to make them happen.

A few months ago, I purchase a Dell computer. I was excited because I was able to download Windows 10 on it. As I journey through to discover the features, I came upon the build in video camera!!! It was awesome and funny to watch me. I’m thinking of creating a promotional video. When in business for yourself, marketing is the key to your company; it’s used to put your business on the map. Public Relation along cost you thousands of dollars, and just for someone to work your social media is like paying a car note!  In business it’s about the brand, and the brand is what opens the door to more sales, more clients and Mo Money….Mo Money LOL!!

With new technology we can do some amazing things with our creativity.  We can create a video and post it to Youtube or Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We can take pictures of ourselves and post on varies sites. We can even conference call with potential clients or vendors. It’s amazing!!  Now is the time to allow your creativity expands your business; create a fashion video, provide a tip, discover places in the city for tour guides. It’s amazing (there goes that word again) what you can now do and share to increase sales and business with the technology today is off the chain!

If you are not social media savvy, or know the ins and out of using the new tech to grow your business, now is the time to learn!! Don’t sit back and let business life past you by; learn what there is to know to do more than talk on your phone and search the internet on your tablet! Hit the college campuses, contact a few young people they know it all, it’s so much out there to learn and if you not making it happen someone else is!!

What are some of the creativity things you done with your business to increase sales? What have technology have you discovered that works for your company? We always love to hear from you your comments are welcome!

Until next time…. The Business Woman

Monday, August 24, 2015

It takes two to make a something go right! Your Plus one!

It takes two to make something go right? Your Plus one! 

     I was encouraged to write this blog when speaking with a dear friend-“I could do a whole lot better in my business if I had the support of a husband” I wasn’t sure at what she was getting at, then she stated “I work full time and trying to run my business is hard, I can’t get out and meet clients, do marketing or even stay on top of my social media”. As our conversation progress, I understood where she was coming from. Although I work two part-time jobs, go school and operate AnyEvent, I also wish I had the support of that extra income to handle bills, while I operate my business full time. Is it fair that someone who has a Plus One be more successful? And are they?

     As an event planner, it’s important that I attend varies workshop and classes to stay on top of the market. It’s important that I market my company, stay on top of my social media as well as getting out there to meet new clients. It’s also important that I pay my bills. And as much as I try to accomplish it, working hard to keep it together, the more I find my business lacking in some areas.

     I know a lot of successful business women, and behind almost every successful business woman there is a support system of a mate and his check. And there are some successful business woman that busted their tails with a full time job and sacrifices a lot to eventfully save enough, give up enough and leave their full times job; some give up everything, step out on faith [regardless] with determination to accomplish the goal set before them. 

     Now don’t get me wrong, there are those who seriously work hard on their business even with a husband or partner, but having that extra income and supports does make it easier. It gives you the ease of knowing that if you need to walk away from the nine to five, you have a plan B on the sideline.

     I’m not hating on the successful person that is making it happen with the sideline support, I know some people who have the sideline and still not surviving in their business. I’m just looking at how a company, a person can be powerful and successful having extra money and extra support. I have a friend whose husband works full time while she operates her business full time. She works hard at her business and he gives everything she needs to be successful. She hustles hard and put everything into the business and her marriage. She shared with me that it’s not easy; the hustle is real, but it’s been worth it for the both of them because he loves her through all that is going on.

     Let’s look at the question from another angle; the business woman with no extra income [husband] and support; how is she doing it, making it happen. She stepped out on faith and hustled. She work a part-time job, she earns contracts that grows her business. The support she received was the determination of her drive not work for anyone. The husband [she didn’t have] was the faith, sweat and tears.

     So, the question is, how do you make it work with one salary and a full time job? Easy:
1. First you have to change your attitude about both. Think of your full time as your part time, and your business as your full time. When you have a desire to be your own boss it becomes a passion. And that passion will drive you.

2. If it fits into your business, learn what you can from your job. Whenever I worked for an organization, I try to join the group that does the planning. I use the working on the team as education to sharpen my skills and show off my talent.

    3. Talk. Yell. Scream your business to people you meet. Let them know what you are doing in your business.  There will be haters as well as supporters; that’s everywhere, but do all you can to make it work for you.

   4.  Use the bucket, put a little bit away each payday toward your independence. I call mines the “forward movement account” It allows me to look forward to the day when I can stop working both jobs and live off my profits and savings.

5.      Use your PTO for meetings, training and clients. Take half days, couple hours, or traded shifts to make it work. Try setting appointments either in the morning or evenings to make it fit around your schedule.

     6. Take one day a week to do social media. Get up early or go to bed late; set up Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Add the apps to your tablet or phone. The more we are visible the more you can market yourself.

     7. Have a meeting with you team twice a month. Update what is happening in your business, ideas for growing your business and review your goals that you have set for the month and year. Even if you have no team, meet with yourself. I usually try to meet with God and myself.
     8. Join organization and network groups.
     9. Use the week end to market your business.

Being self-employed you are everything to your company, and it order for it to work you have to hustle.

Can a person in business for themselves survive without a support system? Do you need that 2nd salary to be successful in your business? How do you survive without the 2nd income?  Please share your thoughts and comments. I would love to learn from your experience of how you made or make it work with or without the sideline!

Until next time... The Business Woman!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Never give up-There is still too much to do!!

Never give up- There is still much more too do!

Have you experience days when you felt like you should be further along in your business, career or life? Or mornings when you wake up and just go-“I know there got to be a better life then this!” What about those days you’re sitting in traffic gazing out the windshield and thinking “really”? It’s those moments you realize “It time for a change”.

Well I’m here to tell you don’t give up and get going making a change! That’s right, don’t throw in the towel yet, it’s time to push forward. Don’t allow defeat  to stop you from being all you can be and enjoy the life you want, the life promised to you by God.

A month ago, I was talking with a dear friend, venting about school and how I'll be glad when I’m done. All of a sudden there was a silence came over the phone; “are you there I asked? Her reply was yes, “I just want you to hear yourself and realize that you are at the finish line and doing better than you see”. You are tired she said; you been at this for the last 3.5 years as well as trying to keep things going with your business and life. You are almost there!

I know that you tired; things are not working, every time you try something it’s either put you further behind or cause destruction to what has already destroyed. OR! You are on a roll and BOOM! Things come to a halt, all the customer stop, the meeting are no longer on your calendar and you are going “what happen?”   Do you give up? Do you revise, reinvent, or do you believe you are done? I love basketball; I loved the sport since the 7th grade. I like the action on the court and the drive the players have to win the game. So, having the pleasure to work for the Dallas Mavericks basketball team in their fan shop has been a dream come true. Now working in the fan shop; that is not my dream come true, but working for Maverick’s is. Why, because working in the fan shop puts me closer to the business I want to do with them. I’m not giving up.

Don’ts let age, money or even people discredit you or discourage you from moving forward. If you’re ready for a promotion, go for it
If your goal is to drive the Pink Cadillac go for it
If your dream is to bake the best German Chocolate cake in the world and sell it… Go for it
The only person who can make your dream come true; change your situation moving  you in the direction you want to go is you.

A dear friend of mines informs me that she started her Mary Kay business. Soon Latesha Mosely was wearing a red jacket, built a team and was taking off in the direction to get her free car!  I’m quite sure there were days she faces with no sells or her team not reaching their goals, but each time I see her she is making it happen.

Rome wasn’t build in a day I was told, but that didn’t stop the builders. I encourage you to do you and that means doing  what it takes to be the best in your job, career and business.  Don’t give up on you, because God hasn’t given on you yet!

How did you move forward to over come challenges? What made you not give up?
I would love to hear your comments!!
Until next time.. The Business Woman

Saturday, June 20, 2015

What happens when you get off track? You go to the rest stop!

What happens when you get off track? You go to the rest stop!

It’s been a while since my last blog, and I have to be honestly I missed blogging. I miss sharing my business feelings with you, but I’m back and that’s a good thing!!

I got off track for a year to finish school. I went back to school to get my 2nd degree, and I never thought it would take up so much of my time in the last two semesters. I was working on papers, research and learning about finances. And I have to say it was hard, but I finally made it to my senior semester, finishing Spring 2016.

Going back to school threw me off track, along with a few other things. It took me away from AnyEvent. I had to put my company on the back burner while I finish completing what was so important to me, my degree in Sports Management. While going to school, I felt off balance in this area, but I knew that it would be okay. There were a few events I did, but they were not the quality I put into my project, having to focus on school. Now that I’m at the finally stage of my degree, how do I get back on track, how do I pick up where I left off? How do I get myself back out there and grab hold of what I miss doing? You don’t… I didn’t.

See, this is the thing, you can’t go back to something that has been operating expecting it to work like before. While you were away things change, and that includes the industry of event planning for me.

While off track I learned a lot of event planners businesses began every day. Those who doing good and others who are barely making it. There were those who continuing doing the mom and pop of business- small events; something I didn’t want to do anymore. I decide I would not allow AnyEvent to go out like that when I come back to it.
When you step away from your business to get a job, go to school or even to regroup, make the decision to-Come back right… Come Back Strong and Come Back Ready!!
Things happen that will pull you away from your business, career even school, and that’s ok, it’s not a bad thing, it’s how you come back that makes a difference. Review the circumstances of why you were pulled away and make sure you’re ready to begin again. It will take a moment, you will realize it was worth the time and that you’re now to ready to go beyond the next level.

I though going back to school would remove AnyEvent from my life, I thought it would change my direction for my company, but it didn’t; it open my eyes to the possibilities of my company, it increased my passion even more for what I enjoyed doing. It taught me that you are never done until God says so.  

Don’t give up on your passion when you have to take a job, or plans change, or finances get low. Believe in yourself and trust yourself, pray to God for direction and everything will fall into place.

Has something change in your life that pulled you from your business? Did you get a job, go back to school and trying to decide what to do with your business?  Is everyone around successful in their business and you are barely making it? I would love to know what changes occurred in your life and what you did to reinvent the situation! Please share your comments!

Until next time.. the Business Woman!

A Great Cup of Savor!

There is something about a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning that taste like heaven. See, coffee during the week is part of your routine. Its goes with the day, you make it, get dress, sip and run. But on Saturday morning you savor the flavor, you drink it with calmness, you can even enjoy the moment of smelling it.

As a business owner there will be times when you need to sit back and enjoy your business like a fresh cup of coffee. You work hard at making sure it don’t fail, that every piece of your business is working well; but when was the last time you sat down and enjoy your accomplishments and failures. It’s all a part of getting to know your business .

I took a few months off from my business to enjoy my accomplishments and my failures. I have to be honest, I enjoyed what I learned during that time. I learned that it is important to me and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I enjoyed remembering the special events I worked, the contracts I lost and won, as well as the people I met along the way.

As entrepreneur we work hard to make sure our business is successful, we follow all the rules and work on it every opportunity we can. And we should, it’s important that we focus on growth, branding and building success.  

To make sure your business is at its best, spend time with your company, take a moment to sit back and enjoy what you accomplished, allowing you to focus, reinvent and clear your head. Savor the moments of what worked and learn from what went wrong.

I encourage you to take one week off and savor the moment. Keep a notebook handy and write down the good the bad and the success! No work, just journaling, reintroducing yourself to your business, just savor the business!
How do you savor the moments with your business? How do you reintroduce yourself to your passion?  I would love for you to respond and leave your comments how you savor your moments.

Until next time,
The Business Woman!