Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Great Cup of Savor!

There is something about a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning that taste like heaven. See, coffee during the week is part of your routine. Its goes with the day, you make it, get dress, sip and run. But on Saturday morning you savor the flavor, you drink it with calmness, you can even enjoy the moment of smelling it.

As a business owner there will be times when you need to sit back and enjoy your business like a fresh cup of coffee. You work hard at making sure it don’t fail, that every piece of your business is working well; but when was the last time you sat down and enjoy your accomplishments and failures. It’s all a part of getting to know your business .

I took a few months off from my business to enjoy my accomplishments and my failures. I have to be honest, I enjoyed what I learned during that time. I learned that it is important to me and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I enjoyed remembering the special events I worked, the contracts I lost and won, as well as the people I met along the way.

As entrepreneur we work hard to make sure our business is successful, we follow all the rules and work on it every opportunity we can. And we should, it’s important that we focus on growth, branding and building success.  

To make sure your business is at its best, spend time with your company, take a moment to sit back and enjoy what you accomplished, allowing you to focus, reinvent and clear your head. Savor the moments of what worked and learn from what went wrong.

I encourage you to take one week off and savor the moment. Keep a notebook handy and write down the good the bad and the success! No work, just journaling, reintroducing yourself to your business, just savor the business!
How do you savor the moments with your business? How do you reintroduce yourself to your passion?  I would love for you to respond and leave your comments how you savor your moments.

Until next time,
The Business Woman!

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