Monday, August 24, 2015

It takes two to make a something go right! Your Plus one!

It takes two to make something go right? Your Plus one! 

     I was encouraged to write this blog when speaking with a dear friend-“I could do a whole lot better in my business if I had the support of a husband” I wasn’t sure at what she was getting at, then she stated “I work full time and trying to run my business is hard, I can’t get out and meet clients, do marketing or even stay on top of my social media”. As our conversation progress, I understood where she was coming from. Although I work two part-time jobs, go school and operate AnyEvent, I also wish I had the support of that extra income to handle bills, while I operate my business full time. Is it fair that someone who has a Plus One be more successful? And are they?

     As an event planner, it’s important that I attend varies workshop and classes to stay on top of the market. It’s important that I market my company, stay on top of my social media as well as getting out there to meet new clients. It’s also important that I pay my bills. And as much as I try to accomplish it, working hard to keep it together, the more I find my business lacking in some areas.

     I know a lot of successful business women, and behind almost every successful business woman there is a support system of a mate and his check. And there are some successful business woman that busted their tails with a full time job and sacrifices a lot to eventfully save enough, give up enough and leave their full times job; some give up everything, step out on faith [regardless] with determination to accomplish the goal set before them. 

     Now don’t get me wrong, there are those who seriously work hard on their business even with a husband or partner, but having that extra income and supports does make it easier. It gives you the ease of knowing that if you need to walk away from the nine to five, you have a plan B on the sideline.

     I’m not hating on the successful person that is making it happen with the sideline support, I know some people who have the sideline and still not surviving in their business. I’m just looking at how a company, a person can be powerful and successful having extra money and extra support. I have a friend whose husband works full time while she operates her business full time. She works hard at her business and he gives everything she needs to be successful. She hustles hard and put everything into the business and her marriage. She shared with me that it’s not easy; the hustle is real, but it’s been worth it for the both of them because he loves her through all that is going on.

     Let’s look at the question from another angle; the business woman with no extra income [husband] and support; how is she doing it, making it happen. She stepped out on faith and hustled. She work a part-time job, she earns contracts that grows her business. The support she received was the determination of her drive not work for anyone. The husband [she didn’t have] was the faith, sweat and tears.

     So, the question is, how do you make it work with one salary and a full time job? Easy:
1. First you have to change your attitude about both. Think of your full time as your part time, and your business as your full time. When you have a desire to be your own boss it becomes a passion. And that passion will drive you.

2. If it fits into your business, learn what you can from your job. Whenever I worked for an organization, I try to join the group that does the planning. I use the working on the team as education to sharpen my skills and show off my talent.

    3. Talk. Yell. Scream your business to people you meet. Let them know what you are doing in your business.  There will be haters as well as supporters; that’s everywhere, but do all you can to make it work for you.

   4.  Use the bucket, put a little bit away each payday toward your independence. I call mines the “forward movement account” It allows me to look forward to the day when I can stop working both jobs and live off my profits and savings.

5.      Use your PTO for meetings, training and clients. Take half days, couple hours, or traded shifts to make it work. Try setting appointments either in the morning or evenings to make it fit around your schedule.

     6. Take one day a week to do social media. Get up early or go to bed late; set up Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Add the apps to your tablet or phone. The more we are visible the more you can market yourself.

     7. Have a meeting with you team twice a month. Update what is happening in your business, ideas for growing your business and review your goals that you have set for the month and year. Even if you have no team, meet with yourself. I usually try to meet with God and myself.
     8. Join organization and network groups.
     9. Use the week end to market your business.

Being self-employed you are everything to your company, and it order for it to work you have to hustle.

Can a person in business for themselves survive without a support system? Do you need that 2nd salary to be successful in your business? How do you survive without the 2nd income?  Please share your thoughts and comments. I would love to learn from your experience of how you made or make it work with or without the sideline!

Until next time... The Business Woman!

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