Monday, September 7, 2015

Let it Flow..So all can see!

Let It Flow.. So all can see! 

 I’ve learn from my journey of self-employment there will be moments that you are not in the mood to do anything with your business. No email for new clients, no social media posting, you don’t want to even deal with that fact that you are in business. I’ve felt like that and know other woman who felt that way too. I call it a FUNK; It’s that deep down leave me alone don’t want to be bother mood; and when that happens , I have no creativity energy in me what so ever.   And as much I hate that feeling and sometimes even try to run from the emotions of it, there are times I have to embrace it.

But when my energy juices get to flowing, all that creativity inside me starts to boiled and I just want to POP!! Why? Because something has cause my juice to get going- getting me back in the groove of making it happen.
I’m an expression person. I love being BIG in who I am, one friend called it center of attention; others may say I’m too much! However you label it, when I’m excited I become creativity!! My Creativity book is filled with so many projects that I can’t wait to make them happen.

A few months ago, I purchase a Dell computer. I was excited because I was able to download Windows 10 on it. As I journey through to discover the features, I came upon the build in video camera!!! It was awesome and funny to watch me. I’m thinking of creating a promotional video. When in business for yourself, marketing is the key to your company; it’s used to put your business on the map. Public Relation along cost you thousands of dollars, and just for someone to work your social media is like paying a car note!  In business it’s about the brand, and the brand is what opens the door to more sales, more clients and Mo Money….Mo Money LOL!!

With new technology we can do some amazing things with our creativity.  We can create a video and post it to Youtube or Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We can take pictures of ourselves and post on varies sites. We can even conference call with potential clients or vendors. It’s amazing!!  Now is the time to allow your creativity expands your business; create a fashion video, provide a tip, discover places in the city for tour guides. It’s amazing (there goes that word again) what you can now do and share to increase sales and business with the technology today is off the chain!

If you are not social media savvy, or know the ins and out of using the new tech to grow your business, now is the time to learn!! Don’t sit back and let business life past you by; learn what there is to know to do more than talk on your phone and search the internet on your tablet! Hit the college campuses, contact a few young people they know it all, it’s so much out there to learn and if you not making it happen someone else is!!

What are some of the creativity things you done with your business to increase sales? What have technology have you discovered that works for your company? We always love to hear from you your comments are welcome!

Until next time…. The Business Woman