Friday, November 20, 2015

Make room for Business

I was in a conversation with a friend of mines, as we discuss business she informed me that she has over a 10, 0000 email in here email box. I was like really?? Have you tried getting rid of them? She was surprised I asked. I though, I have 3 email accounts and between them both I have over 2000 emails.. each account. Why do we let all those messages pile up? Don’t we have some kind of folder we can tuck them in till we need them? And why do we have so many email accounts? I have my business email, my gmail account and my personal email account I use for basic information. 

 Just like spring cleaning we have to take a moment and the time to clean out the clutter of our email accounts. Now I will be honest, I had emails from when I first open my accounts and located emails from New York & Company from 2009. And I have to say, the sales do repeat themselves lol; I also located emails from previous clients and friends I lost touch with. 

Cleaning out my email box was time consuming; I had to reviewed emails to decide if I needed them or to create a folder for them. So I took a Saturday afternoon, turn on Time Warner jazz station 1944, and begin working on a project that need to be accomplished.

I looked at the emails I was getting, and those I no longer need to subscribed to. emails were coming in that  was filling up my email box with specials  as well as information from varies 
companies and organization I no longer was involved with.  I unsubscribed to about 
15 companies, and that was just my gmail account. 

I search the email by titles to varies companies and organizations to see what 
was out there in dead email land. Example; I enter "Sparks" in the search title 
and all that dealt with the company came up, I deleted them all. No need for them, other 
email I felt I couldn’t part with, I either created a folder or clean out the current folder 
and add current information. 

Finally I deleted. Yep I deleted every email I knew was no longer part of my email life... deleted, and it felt great.When I finally finished I had a total of 7 emails in my email accounts. I went from 1709 with just my gmail account to 7 emails. 
What a relief,  It felt great. 

The pressure of having all that information in my emails accounts was wearing on me and it was extra stress I didn’t need. This process was a personal growth project for me. I let go! 

After letting go of the emails I reviewed my contacts. I sent emails to everyone in my contact list asking if they would like to remain part of my email base. Now out of 1300 contact 800 came back un-receivable, meaning the email no longer is available. YEA!! Another success, I was able to clean out my contacts. 

This allowing coding to where I want to place the remaining  contact Business; Personal; friends and clients. 

Cleaning my emails accounts allow me to not only get rid of unwelcome emails and stop 
subscription of unnecessary email, but it freed me to make room what I needed by opening the door for new business. I read somewhere; when you removed all that is cluttering your life, you make room for something new. And now I have room for  fresh and new business. 

What is cluttering up your emails accounts? When was the last time you removed all the unwanted information that was blocking you from seeing a future?  Let’s hear from you on how you made room for business!

Until next time.. the Business Woman!!