Saturday, December 5, 2015

An Amazing New Year!

An Amazing New Year
Isn’t it amazing how the approaching of a New Year we gets this BURST of energy to conquer the world!  We’re ready to take on everything, anything and anyone that comes our way. We are changing, moving, setting goal, deleting folks from our friends list on Facebook, we are wiping the slate clean and starting all over. The New Year brings excitement; the possibilities of something new. There‘s hope in the New Year and miracles looking to happen. Isn’t it awesome the New Year does that to us?
No matter how you see it, the New Year is the open door to everything new and everything from old is gone. There is something about the New Year that wipes away the past faster than yesterday, the New Year makes everything that didn’t work disappear! 

For Some 2015 brought new adventures and excitement, tears along with fears, new job, old friends, new relationships, broken hearts, 2015 for some is a year that some can repeated while others are glad to see it departed. There were failures and success, new friendships and partnership built while others faded away. We pick up clients and lost some. We start new jobs, new business and return to the old way of doing things because everything else didn’t quite seem to work.
Whatever happens in 2015 good, bad or ugly, it’s okay, because it was part of God’s plan. Jeremiah 29:11 tells us “I know the plan for you it’s is to prosper you not harm you” (New American Standard Bible). 
Embrace what is before you. Stop making excuse to do this and do that. NIKE came up with the “Just Do It” slogan because the company recognized the fear players face each day on the court and on the field. What could possibly happen if you  went back to school; started a business or every Sunday go to a shelter to feed  the homeless? What could happen if you decided to move to the next level in your career, mentor children on Saturday afternoon or coach a little league basketball team? My mother always told my three sisters and me, “nothing beats a failure but a try”!! And I lived by that daily!
So, with 2016 on your coat tail will you “Just do it”? Create a year that will blow your mind!  Start that business, learn that dance, go to New York.. This is your life and it was only dealt to you with one hand, so don’t tunk out!!  Grab 2016 with possibilities, excitement and expect miracles.
Are you ready for the 2016? 
What goals have you set? What moments do you want to embrace? Are you going to make serious changes, Let's hear from you!! 
Post your comments!! Until next time!! The business Woman!