Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It happen, but does it require a write off????

It happens.. But does it require a write off????
Hey Everyone, this is not your normal Business Woman blog, but I hope you get where i'm coming from!!!

We all heard what happen to Steve Harvey; he announced the wrong Queen. Steve Harvey Comedian, Business man, Talk Show Host, Husband and father made a mistake when he announced the incorrect Miss Universe; a mistake; which proves he’s human.

Some said he would never host the show again, others humiliated him; jokes were posted all over social media, and he was the conversation of ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN. Some wrote him off and others listen in to his morning radio show for the first time to see what he would say, but he never said a word until January 18 & 19, 2016 on his talk show.  Both women [each] explaining their feeling and their emotions of what occurred.  But Miss Universe stated something to Steve that was profound “You made a mistake, don’t beat yourself up about it; it’s time to move on” 

We have all made mistakes in our lives, big ones, HUGE ones, as well as small ones.  Some mistakes are forgiven, others may take time, and some may never be corrected or other may never heal from the mistake. You may hurt someone, and someone may hurt you and no matter how many I’m sorry you said, it may never fix what happen.

I have made a lot of mistakes A LOT, I have hurt people, and people hurt me. I’ve forgiven and I tried to forgive, but like all mistakes, they were never meant to be mistake; and no matter how much you try to explain or say I’m sorry; we as human being just don’t know how to forgive or be forgiven.

When mistakes happen there are those who let it go, write you off or move on. It’s up to them how it’s done, but all you can do is receive their action-and move on.

Let me get a little spiritual for a moment- Jesus who knew no sin, who was perfect beyond perfect was beaten, lied on, persecuted for being who He was and said in a weakest voice said the most powerful statement- “Father forgive them; they know not what they do” I know those who crucified Christ believe somewhere in their hearts they were doing right and I know it was part of God's plan, but Jesus asked they be forgiven; that He [God] don’t write them off .

 When I look back over the years at those who hurt me, I forgave some, for some we moved on,but I don’t recall writing anyone off; not even my cheating X-husband LOL.

Don’t be so quick to write someone off just because they made a mistake, if they hurt you, we got that, if you hurt them, we got that too. Find some way to forgive, no one is asking you  to forget, but TRY to be strong enough to not be quick to write someone one off, who knows, the person you write off, may be the person you need you later on.

Miss Columbia forgave Steve Harvey; she laughed throughout the show. She stated that she was encouraged to sue and [she] won’t. Situation happens, good bad and ugly. Remember nothing happens unless it goes through God’s hand first, and how we handle what we are dealt depends on us not God!

Have you written someone off due to a mistake they made and how did it feel? Have you been written off due a mistake? Until next time, The Business Woman blog!!

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