Monday, July 4, 2016

Not to DO List- The challenge is not to do it!

Not to Do List-The challenge is not to do it!

A couple of weeks ago, I was challenged to create a “Not to do list” What is a  “Not to do list”? It’s a list of things you no longer want to do. The challenge was create a list of items that I no longer want to do. I can think of a million things I don’t want to do, but I couldn’t bring myself to write them down; strange!  

In order to be better we have to do better and to do better we have to stop doing what is not productive in our lives. I actually created the “Not to do list” and amazed at what I no longer want to do; help me to realize what was causing unchangeable circumstances in my life.  The conclusions   of this assignment was to remove what is hindering me/you from being the our best, by accomplishing changes to help us in our  personal, spirituals, business and financial life.

Let’s look at a few “Don’t Do’s” I placed on my list.

Procrastination-I always wait to the last minute to do things and it continue to cause me late fees, or to be stuck in traffic, which is what I despise!!  Procrastination comes from doing what you don’t enjoy doing, so we tend to put it off to the last minutes. Now here is the key, when you remove something, you must replace it with something, what did  I replace procrastination with? I replaced procrastination with using my daytimer  placed  by my bedside to remind me of my responsibilities to my life, business and ministry. looking at getting things accomplish as a success! 

Snacking- Another item on my list; snacking. I love to snack and I enjoy snacking on chips, popcorn and cookies. My snacking generates from sitting in front of the TV or reading my favorite magazines. I stop buying cookies,  I begin purchasing Pop Secret Homestyle popcorn, and Lay’s lightly salt chips, still didn’t stop the snacking,  so I had to replace it with something else productive.  What Did I replace it with? Yoga!!!

There were more  items on my list, I wanted to share with you an example of how I worked  my “Don’t do list” If you are a late sleeper, and never get anything done do to sleeping late;  add don’t sleep late, don’t drink 4 sodas a day or don’t smoke. It’s about what you want to change to better yourself in helping you to be a success.

If you had to create a “don’t do list”  what would be one of the items listed? Would you be brave enough to accept the challenge? Do you believe you have a list of don’t do’s that need to be put in writing? Let’s hear from you what you would add to your list. 
Until next time.. The Business Woman

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