Monday, July 4, 2016

Reading your way to the Top!!!

Reading your way to the top..

I love to read, its part of my nature and what my mother instilled in her daughters. My mom [Joyce Figures] was big on education and striving to be the best. I want to believe this was due to an era she came from; a time when education was hard to come by for Blacks. Momma always read cook books, medical books as she often told us; the more you know the farther you go.

When It comes to reading I love to read successful stores or articles on people who changed their lives because they had no choice, or to read about how to do this or that (in business). I also enjoy reading motivational books by authors like John C. Maxwell or John Canfield, the author of Chicken soup for your soul. When I want to read books for my spirit growth, I’m hooked on reading any book by my pastor Dr. Tony Evans, or his daughter Priscilla Shiner; both are the most powerful writers; their books feed my heart and soul spiritually.     

As I prepare for my 2nd journey in life I begin reading again. This past week end, I had the pleasure of  stopping by Half Price Book Store to pick up on a few books to take me into the summer as well prepare me for business next journey.

There are some books I re-read because I’m looking for a new outlook of information and some I reference often depending on what I’m looking for in my client’s project.  I have a great deal of books on Event Planning; Event Designs and business; all have been read once or twice, depending what I need to learn or understand about my business or industry.  

Self education is requirement when in business or advancing in your career. This is the information that no one can take from you as well as available when you need it. Reading helps to stay on top of your craft, to learn what’s new in your industry or to make sure you know how to hold a conversation about what you do. Books are knowledge to open doors.

Have you ever walked into someone home and saw a library, or a bookcase loaded with books?  What about the space designed on the floors with piles of magazines and books? Believe me there’s a message to the madness of with those libraries and book cases; it’s about being on top of their game.

I challenge you to take a moment and browse the books stores and purchase books that will help you in business and your personal growth or your career. Teach yourself how to be the best event planners, marketing rep or PR person in your industry. All it takes is a few hours a week to read a couple chapters. In just a few hours you can increase your knowledge better yourself in business, learn how to speak knowledge in your career growth; as well as increase business by understanding your market.

What are your favorite business books? Who are your favorite author? What kind of books motivate you?

Until next time, The business Woman

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