Monday, July 4, 2016

You are 100% responsible for your life.

You are 100% responsible for your life.

Have you ever wonder why some people are successful and you are trying to get to 1/3 of where they are? What about the businesses that starts over night and become a huge success by morning? Have you ever wondered why a person who begins a job the same time you did and by the first year have moved to another position within the company? These are individuals who take 100 % responsibility for their lives. They understand that in order to move forward, move ahead or to go beyond the next level, they take accountability for their career, businesses and their life.

We all know the saying; we are in control of our own life. Nothing happens that God don’t want to happen or my favor “if it’s for me; then it will be”. I wonder, if it is for you, but you don’t make the effect to make it yours’? What does this sound like to you; Excuses?? Yep.. Me too!'  Excused are made when you can’t find a reason to do or the fear of failing; crazy huh? There are people who love the limelight, love how success smells or enjoys having success in their life! Then there are others who are afraid to be successful or powerful; they speak about how it can happen, but then follow with excuses to why it can’t happen..for them!!.  

I consider myself to be very successful. It’s not because I have tons of friends or a lot of money. It’s not because I live in a 9 bedroom house or drive a fabulous car. I’m successful because some of the odds and failures that happened I’ve survived them. The struggles that I had to deal with and prayed through made me successful beyond measures.  My success is defined by overcoming my failures and struggles and how I came out on top by being an over comer!!!.

Many blame their un-success on money, education, lack of this and lack of that. Some say it’s due to racism, gender or politics. But imagine someone like Harriet Tubman who goal was to find freedom for those who wanted it; or Prince, who got tired of paying more royalties to record companies instead of receiving it, which open the door to other artists creating their own production companies.  I read an article about a homeless man who created a printing company by making fliers for people’s businesses.
NIKE create the slogan “Just Do It” , and we are the first to use it; but taking 100% responsibilities for our lives is not about just doing it, it’s about understanding you have to do it. Everything you do; anything you want to do has to align with your purpose, your values and your goals.

Jack Canfield the successful writer for “Chicken Soup for the Soul” wrote a book called “The Successful Principles”. In the first chapter of the he talks about E+R=O (EVENT + RESPONSE=OUTCOME) You blame the (E) event for your lack of results (R) creating no (O) outcome. When I read this I was amazed at how many times this has occurred in my life and some of the people around me, (I eventually made new friends) LOL. In the same chapter,  Mr. Canfield also indicated if you change the letters around by changing  your ( R)respond  to ( E) events the way things are; until you get the ( O) outcome you want -will change your thinking, your communication and your behavior; you will eventually change.

The key to being successful is not the money or fame and fortune; it’s being able to change your negative response so that your day will turn your life into a positive change. 
You are 100% responsible for your life, your business, your career. You have to make it happen, not make excuses to why it’s not happening. Stop wondering how it’s going to happen, just let God know what you want, and trust Him to make it happen. Believe me, if it’s not in His plan, you would not have the vision to do it.

What are your excuses for not moving forward? What motivate you each day to keep moving forward? The struggle is real, what are you doing to overcome? I would love to hear from you, you respond can help someone else!

Until next time... The Business Woman!! 

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